25 Games You Shouldn't Overlook

You've already memorized the list by heart: Rock Band, Bioshock, Mario Galaxy, Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect, The Orange Box, etc. The list of AAA titles this year is huge, but as you continue your slog through the malls to find the perfect gift, don't forget that there are more than just those games out there.

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Itachi4354d ago

Best game of the year uncharted no doubt

littletad4354d ago

But you have to wonder, why in the hell is Uncharted in a list with the word "overlook"?

BrianC62344354d ago

Why isn't Ratchet & Clank Future on the PS3 list? From the sales numbers I read it looks like a lot of people are overlooking it. What a shame too. I'd give R&CF Game of the Year.

Bebedora4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

I must say Uncharted is a GotY contender on the PS3. R&C:FToD is a overlooked and underrated title.