190° talks Unreal Tournament 3 with Epic Games - "Home" will be supported

Here are some tidbits from the interview:

- Early 08 release for Unreal Tournament 3 in the UK
- No release date yet for Xbox 360 version "as there is a lot of additional work to do to get that completed"

- Both dedicated and peer-2-peer servers available to users.
- More on Mod support and exporting for PlayStation 3
- Epic Games is supporting PlayStation Home, but unsure of to what extent

Quote about Unreal Engine 4:

"Tim Sweeney is a mastermind, and he's going to keep you guessing!"

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Darkiewonder4734d ago

Just because they said damage was in GT5: Prologue.

pacman3264733d ago

Especially since it is an interview your not going to believe it?

Darkiewonder4733d ago

Just for the fact that one of the journalist happened to change the interview with speculation. Have him on ignore on AIM Btw lawlz.

AAACE54733d ago

First, it is said that damage will be included through a downloadable patch for GT Pro.

I'm glad the ps3 is getting it's games collection up, but the Unreal franchise is old and needs to be retired. Epic needs to let Unreal go and come up with something that fits with this generation. Not something from the '90s! The system hasn't really had a dramatic upgrade except for graphics.

In the future I would like to see something extremely new from this series!

Winter47th4733d ago

Dedicated Servers would be nice.