Final Fantasy XIII Developmental Video (Real Time Footage Of The Levels)

Everyone expects superb graphics and performance from this game. Well, it seems like we won't be disappointed. Take a look at some developmental video material, showcasing the level of detail of this game. It will only get better from here on.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

This is the OMG footage of the year, and it`s very very brief.

Final Fantasy 13 is going to rip competitors to shreds.


bubble ME

Please and Thank U.


i`m not hyping myself i`m hyping the game.

i get enough attention on here and in REAL life.

so, please don`t accused my of that.

i`m not a N4G points whore.

icdedppl4736d ago

wow, this is so old. yeah, it's nice to see, but seriously, this has already been posted.

oh, and stopy hyping your own threads.

Mainman4736d ago

The video says that you should turn on the superwhite.

But this doesn't matter because there is no content that suports the superwhite feature yet. So it's ok if you have this disabled.

DJ4736d ago

But this needs to get approved. A lot of people have never seen this realtime footage, and it really does show how close Square-Enix is getting to CG quality gameplay.

i_like_ff74736d ago

wow did you see that particle effect where the sun's rays are coming through the sky? AMAZING!

jack who4736d ago

too bad they no longer useing the Engine that the footage is from anymore.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4736d ago

go get on XBL and practice your headshots/teabagging.

let the BIG BOYS enjoy their BIG GAMES.

Honeal2g4736d ago

this game uses the White engine if u know something otherwise please inform us ... and it has always been in developement as far as i know unless ur implying that this real time video is a engine prior to the white engine in which case i would have to say i;m sorry but i highly doubt that.

mesh14736d ago

the same crappy engine jap games use this game will not look liek those high detail pc still screens remeber its being run on a pc hahaha what lame dev wud show a game when in developemnt using a pc this game will bombed they are hiding something thus uve never seen real game play ,why dont they release gameplay ? they have never sais in any of their release trailer that its a gameplay trailer so sony fans keep dreaming beyond

HarryEtTubMan4736d ago

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The story is too old to be commented.