Happy 20th Birthday MegaMan

Play Magazine writes:

"December 17th, 1987: a new and little known game entitled "Rockman" was released for the Famicom in Japan from creators Tokuro Fujiwara and Keiji Inafune. The game wasn't a smash hit upon its original release, but Inafune had faith in the project, and in his downtime working on other games for Capcom, he and his team were allowed to put together a sequel.

Rockman, of course, became MegaMan here in the States, and the character would go on to become one of Capcom's most popular and recognizable mascots, appearing in over 100 different Capcom titles over the past twenty years...

I still remember getting the original MegaMan game as a kid. The ability to pick which bosses you'd fight in what order was exciting, as was trying to figure out which weapons worked best against which. Of course, the game was quite a challenge, and man if I didn't hate that stupid big yellow-orange rock monster that you had to face near the end of the game.

Looking back on that game, it's amazing just how far the Blue Bomber has come..."

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