IGN Interviews Sony's Jack Tretton

With a year of on-the-job experience under his belt, Tretton sat down to answer IGN's burning questions about where he's been, the PS3's first year and where Sony is going.

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PimpHandHappy4735d ago

report this dude above me as spam and please take a bubble...

DarkSniper4735d ago

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aaquib54735d ago

I hate all these PR folks who think they can spin stories.

Real Gambler4735d ago

Think about it. How many interviews have you read from Nintendo or Microsoft president and CEO. Almost none because they carefully select each interviewers!!! They hide in their hole.

Yet, you have a guy who basically answers any questions from any interviewers, good or bad. Look at the sick questions those guys from Mercury's BLOG asked, and yet, Tretton is not hiding in a hole.

So you may not like him, but how do you like the wimps from Nintendo and Microsoft then? At least, Peter Moore had balls...

Now, his job is basically to market a product. Sure he will spins some answers around (and he is very good at it). Why do you think he is being paid that much by Sony... To go out and say bad things about Sony? or to market the product? You don't need to pay somebody to say bad things about a console, there's tons of people doing it for free here!!!!

PimpHandHappy4735d ago

thats how you handle a interview like a pro

well done IGN and cya gamespot

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