Will Final Fantasy XIII Be The New Final Fantasy VII?

Will Final Fantasy XIII be the game that rejuvinates the RPG genre and hits it big for the PS3 platform? Final Fantasy VII was the first game on the original Playstation platform, and it (very quickly) became one of the fastest (and most) selling titles on the Playstation's.

Can Square-Enix recreate that with Final Fantasy XIII? With such improved visuals, more disc space for the SE to use and not forgetting the Playstation 3's Cell Processor (if used) can do wonders for the game... so will Square be able to pull this off? What are your thoughts? Do you think it can even be done? Or do you feel that it'll just be a great game, just not "as" great as Final Fantasy VII?

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Lucreto4733d ago

FF VII made the Final Fantasy main stream and they have they can do it again.

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Bonsai12144733d ago

i remember reading that the devs wanted to have ffxiii have the same impact that ffvii had. ffvii mainstreamed rpgs with its high production values and revamped battle system, and i'm guessing that ffxiii will have proportionally the same production values as well as that same impact with the battle system.

especially since the devs are trying to recreate the freeflowing fighting seen in advent children. if they manage to pull it off, which i wouldn't be surprised at because it is square we're talking about, then they would have a true next gen game.


who cares?
ff7 was amazing, ff13 will be AMAZING.

I CANT WAIT to level up my characters.

chester4733d ago

i know i'm in the minority, but i really couldn't care less about FF anymore. honestly i have no idea what the game is about or what the structure will be like. personally, it just doesn't hold any type of interest for me. maybe with more information in the future it will. give me LBP though please. that's the game that will change things, i think.

killax35634733d ago

FF7 had a lot of marketing behind it back in the day, the only way FF13 can equal/surpass FF7 is if it also has a big marketing push.

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davez824733d ago

on the gameplay, if the gameplay is revolutionary and will somehow appeal to maybe non rpg enthusiasts, then yes. By guessing at the in game battles the AI alone should be using the cell pretty heftily.


Really? I don't think so... Final Fantasy VII was the major shift not only in the series, but from a SNES to a PS1... The shift from a PS2 to a PS3 isn't as big comparing to that from SNES to PS1.

Besides, we don't even have seen nothing of the game, how could we say already how good it will be?


because sqenix are master senseis of uber rpg ownageship. ff is cream of the crop franchise....i hope they make chrono cross that was really cool on snes.

Kain814733d ago

what a power the ps3 has.

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