Sony Hints At A Possible The Legend Of Dragoon ( NA) PSN Release

Released on the PS1 over a decade ago, The Legend of Dragoon is still considered ad one of the all time best games of its genre.

The classic turn based rpg made its PSN debut in Japan nearly two years ago leaving fans overseas to wonder if ( or when ) they can expect a similar release in their region.

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Kain813182d ago

OH Please.....T_T Tears of joy

Cloudberry3182d ago

A sequel would be very very nice.

I don't mind if it's ends up on Vita.

Godchild10203182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

I would love this and to play it on the go, on the Vita. There is hope at the end of this Sony tunnel. Sony make it happen. The first game I bought and played it all day with my cousins on Thanksgiving.

Relientk773182d ago

Sony please make a sequel to this amazing game

camel_toad3182d ago

Wow I forgot all about that one but I loved it. A sequel would be very nice.

maniacmayhem3182d ago

Excellent, underrated, fun game. If this is true then this will be purchased.

_Aarix_3181d ago

I grew up with this and ff7. I enjoyed this when i was learning to read.

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The story is too old to be commented.