Rumor: God Of War 3 For Holidays 2008

The rumor says that the next installment in the revered franchise has been pseudo-announced, and SCEA's Santa Monica team is already slaving away on God of War 3. It seems they're working hard to deliver this guaranteed blockbuster by holidays 2008, which would be very good news for PS3 owners.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4736d ago

2008 is FILLED w/ GOOD NEWS for ps3.

marinelife94736d ago

Don't rush it. Fine wine takes time. If it's done release it but my $60 can wait if it needs more time.

Bonsai12144736d ago

its realistic that they're aiming for holiday 08, but i wouldn't be surprised to santa monica push it back to march (a la the other GOW releases) for that extra layer of polish we're all expecting from GOW.

either way, it'll be epic in all manners of the word. the story, as we all know, will be crazy, and since its santa monica we're talking about, the technical aspect of the game will be class as well. i'm interested to see what kind of new gameplay they'll put into it. someone earlier mentioned it would be shadow of the colossus esque where you have to fight each of the gods, which i wouldn't mind, but a big part of GOW is the brutal killings of the cannon fodder.

anyways, its either a year, or a year and 4 months. woot.

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technology4736d ago

but i don't think that it will happen before 2009

THE_JUDGE4736d ago

just a few weeks before christmas 08 then I think thats possible. I agree thats it will probably not be until 09. I have no worries though, Santa Monica has nothing but my utmost faith in making this game glorious.

akaFullMetal4736d ago

would be awesome, but i dont think it will be out in 08, maybe early 09

lonestarmt4736d ago

I hope its true, but I"m not going to get my hopes up too much. We could be looking at killzone 2, god of war 3, final fantasy 13, fall of man 2, metal gear 4, uncharted or jak and daxter ps3, LBP all in one year. Wow

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The story is too old to be commented.