Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Xbox 360 vs PS3 HD Screenshot Comparison (Head2Head)

Check out a screenshot comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Hint: Click on "see full-size" to view the images in the original size.

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TheXgamerLive3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

ps3 is a bit to bright and the 360 has that blur effect added w/nicer draw distances, regardless both look decent, still I'd rather see video of gameplay.
Comparison pics say very little.

PC versions are usually better but when in actual gameplay basically nobody ever and I mean "EVER: see's any difference. You'd have to be comparing side by side and nobody does that when playing so the differences in all 3 are mute.

BiggsnWedge3425d ago

and then add mods to PC.. PC is always x100 better there is no ifs ands or buts

Ser3424d ago


True. But the PC doesn't have Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, so I'll stick with my inferior console. :)

Also, they both look pretty similar, nothing to dictate which version you should purchase.

caperjim3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Its actually the opposite of what you are saying. PC versions always look better. Full 1080P with no jaggies and silky smooth framerate.

The actual gameplay is when you truly see the difference in games. Screenshot comparisons are a joke. Im mostly a PC gamer and even i find it hard to see the difference between console vs PC screenshots. Trust me, sitting in front of a 55 inch LED playing with the game settings maxed is night and day when graphically compared to a console.

SephirothX213423d ago

Not only graphically do PC version outperform the console versions but also in frame rates and loading times. Do you want to play Battlefield 3 in 1920 X 1080 with 60fps? Well you're not going to be doing that on any console but I do it on pc with ease with a GTX580, 8 gigs of 1600mhz ram and a 4.2ghz overclocked i7 2600k.

TheXgamerLive3422d ago

Yet it still looks basically the same and plays w/o bugs/errors/virus/blue screen etc.........on consoles.
pc is a dying breed, it will live on but gaming is moving quickly away from just sheer ease of play.

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Half-Mafia3425d ago

Both versions dont have high AA. And the 360 version seems to have some kind of smooth/blur filter over it.

Either way ill be getting this on PC. 16x AA at 1080p

The game looks so much sharper, more detailed and textures are much higher.

look @1:08. The Stone tablet thing. Wow

dooge3425d ago

Hey, check out just after 1:08 on the video you linked. When the character begins to run away from the stone tablet, you can see the texture filter finally pop-in. If you blink you'll miss it.

Still, PC wins.

KMCROC543425d ago

blah, blah , blah . who gives a shit grow TFU.

BiggsnWedge3424d ago

Swearing and using abbreviations I don't understand is very immature, sir.

KMCROC543424d ago

Let me clean this up a bit more just for you .

Blah,blah,blah, who really cares get over it.

The reason for my original comment was that it carried more venom & anger over such stupidty.
As for the cleaned up or more dociel comment it has no sting or bite if you will.

Lior3425d ago

ps3 looks to have slightly better shaders

lilbrat233425d ago

PS3 the colors are more brilliant then the 360. I hate when they compare graphics as you really do not know how it is really being set up.

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