Jeff Gerstmann is Still Alive

He is back with his own independant blog. To see his gaming views visit his blog.

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killax35634733d ago

All praise Jeff Gerstmann! Viva Jeff Gerstmann.

Jeff Gerstmann >>>>>>> Jesus.

Its great to know Jeff Gerstmann is alive and doing well. I was starting to get worried. Frankly, this is the biggest holiday present gamers could ever get.

CeruleanSky4733d ago

Don't you want to spend your days reading about how much this Cartman wannabe wubs Halo 3 and thinks its teh bestest game evar???

TripleTags4733d ago

he is one of the best reviewers and has a great style ... to see that applied to an independent view will be most refreshing. the guy REALLY cares about video games from a gamers perspective you all should listen and listen closely.

Slayer OP4733d ago

No he is a talentless loser who deserves to be exiled from the gaming business for giving biased reviews. I hope his blog rots in hell.

socsca4733d ago

Ummm, he got fired from his last job for not doing exactly that. Think first, write later.

Xemnas4733d ago

when this guy got fired from GS Everyone was like F&%$ gs why you fire him now hes back on his feet and oh f$#% that guy i dont care ...weird lol

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The story is too old to be commented.