Iwata: Wii Is Not Next Gen

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has distanced the Wii game console from the rest of the next gen pack by surprisingly stating that the Wii is not a next gen game console. In comments made to Japanese business news service Nikkei Business, Iwata said, "Nintendo is not working on a next-generation console. 'Next-generation' implies that the console is an extension of previous installments. We believe that extending our current line will not lead to larger markets and could possibly even lead to smaller markets."

While Nintendo's Wii has been constantly referred to by the press and public as a next gen console, Iwata's comments are sure to throw some game industry watchers off their stride. But Iwata's point is valid, from his perspective. While game machines are getting more and more complex, his concern is that the non-gaming public is left behind. The Wii's targeted audience is planned to be those who are not mainstream gamers

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OutLaw6202d ago

From the start he has been trying to distant himself from the other two consoles and everybody knows that the Wii isn't as powerful. but thats what I love about Nintendo. They are taking a low road to things. I haven't been a big fan of theirs in years. But I have to say I do like what they are doing this time around and trust me I bashed the Wii every chance I got. But not this time I feel they do care about the consumer and they do care if you are having fun or not and thats all that matters. I will be buying one. Good Job Nintendo.

schnodder6202d ago

i'll buy one too. and a nice white ds-lite next week :-)

OutLaw6202d ago

I order my DS at Gamestop. So I hear ya!!

shotty6202d ago

Their next products aren't really next gen, they instead start a whole new project. They knew right after gamecube was released they need products that are different than the others since they didn't have the resources to compete with the other 2. And so it has worked the DS is wooping the PSP in about every country right now. Look at the gameboy micro that was a step down from DS but it came out after the DS. Wii60

Marriot VP6202d ago

almost nobody's on the wii section of this site. Guess it'll take a while to catch on.

kingboy6202d ago

what if they made the WII with better graphics isn`t that good?Nintendo is just seperating from the others becuz the`v got little specs.Can`t see myself choosing it as first console..maybe after 2 years of launch,i might wanna buy it.

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