Citizen Gamecast - 06/02/2012

James makes his first appearance on the pod in 2012 and thank goodness he did. James talks Soul Calibur V, Resident Evil: Revelations, and gives his impressions of the much-talked-about and continually mocked circle pad pro. Joe is still smitten with the Metal Gear Solid HD. While Mark talks Space Phallus, Pit Fighter and contemplates buying Rumble Roses.

What Games - Soul Calibur V, Battle Arena Toshinden 3, Resident Evil, Circle pad pro, skyrim, Space Phallus, Scoregasm, where my water?, star dash, metal gear solid hd, twin snakes, micro machines, test drive: Ferrari, shift, C.A.R.S., Football manager 2012, alpha protocol, alex kid in miracle world, rumble roses, Simpsons wrestling, pit fighter.

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