AMD Delays Introduction of Next-Gen ATI R700 GPU

Advanced Micro Devices revealed during its Analyst Day that it has no plans to release a new family of graphics processing units (GPUs) in 2008, as planned. The decision seems to support the general plan to cut capital expenditures in order to return to profitability, but pose a lot of threat to performance of the firm's graphics product group, the former ATI Technologies.

Rick Bergman, who is senior vice president and general manager of AMD graphics products group (GPG), did not talk about long-term future of the former ATI business, the Radeon GPUs; but concentrated on talking about current achievements of AMD/ATI, ATI CrossFire X technology as well as products of not-too-distant future, namely ATI R680, ATI RV620 and ATI RV635.

Nevertheless, Mario Rivas, who is executive vice president of computing soluti...

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gta_cb4732d ago

yeah, i see this as a good thing, i mean they havnt had the best year battling with Intel so this is obviously them trying to make sure they release a great product which wont disappoint their customers :)

i for one have always been an AMD fan since the release of the AMD Athlon XP processors but obviously with the recent disappointments i have recently built a custom PC with the Core 2 Duo chips but whatever happens competition is good :P

Rooted_Dust4732d ago

ATI needs to spend some money on corporate espionage or something because Nvidia is killing them on graphics processors.

ip-student4732d ago

but this seems like the start of the ol' death spiral - you reduce capital expenditure and try to compete on price with reduced margins and then go bankrupt. But I wonder if this is just a reflection of the reduced PC market - a lot less reason to own a high-end PC when most games are out for consoles.

The reality is that there is little reason to upgrade your PC if you are not playing cool games (because email and surfing are still fine on my 2800+ AMD/Radeon 9600 Pro combination - and that combination was purchased back in 2002 I believe). Vista adds little and is still a little unstable. Of course, my old system cannot play new games. But I have a $400 console that rocks so I am good. Since I don't feel the need to upgrade my PC, Intel, AMD and Nvidia are left fighting over less. The question is whether AMD can jump to 45 or 32 nm and survive - if they can then they are probably good because that is about the end of the size reduction - the costs are getting too high to make it worthwhile. But Intel seems to have the competition beat to 32 so unless AMD pulls a rabbit out - it is over. Still, the competition, while it lasts, is a good thing.

bootsielon4732d ago

But after teaming up with ATI, and being the losers they've become in the CPU industry, I no longer do. Intel + nVidia FTW

Bonsai12144732d ago

5 bucks says they're delaying their next gen graphics card because nvidia says they're about to introduce their g100 series architecture..