Ubisoft's assassin and the creed of creative defence writes:

:The video games industry shares a common feature with the pharmaceutical sector and Hollywood film studios. Just like big drug companies or film producers, its success depends on developing blockbusters. For games, you do not have to invest the $250m or so which Hollywood spends these days to make what it hopes will turn into a box office hit – or even more when it comes to a new drug. But the sums are still pretty huge and the risks just as high.

But a blockbuster can make all the difference, not only to a video games company's bottom line, but its very survival. After all, Vivendi would never have pulled off its recent acquisition of US rival Activision were it not for the success of its World of Warcraft game. Indeed, the French group originally considered selling its games division before deciding to invest in developing the blockbuster."

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