6 Ways To Improve 'Madden NFL 13'

Brian Sipple of Game Rant writes: "After an epic victory in Super Bowl XLVI by the New York Giants, another NFL season has come and gone. However, even elated Giants fans and dejected Patriots fans will eventually turn their attention to the 2012 season, and for gamers, this means that yet another edition of Madden NFL will put on the pads come the month of August.

Offline franchise depth and gameplay tweaks combined for a serviceable NFL experience in Madden 12 – but a lot of room existed for improvement. Game Rant has compiled a list of six such improvements we think EA Sports would do well to include in Madden 13, ranging from presentation and gameplay to the title's competitive online world."

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krazykombatant4060d ago

by not making it and giving it 2 years of development??? Lol I remember last year the "AMAZING" improvement they put in... Grass.

Captain Qwark 94060d ago

damn lol i was literally just about to respond with the exact same response :/

BrutallyBlunt4060d ago

Same here. They really need to allow the team (no pun intended) more time. This annual cycle is really hurting the development of the franchise. Take a year off and let them do it every 2 years and in the off-year have a patch/update that just updates the players and stats. If they want to charge up to $9.99 or something that's fine but give the developers more time to actually have a real upgrade.

GanjaMan4060d ago

well look at the fifa series they only have 1 year development and they some how raise the bar every time they make a new one. Thats why fifa is the best selling sports franchise to date + fifa 12 is the fastest selling sports game to date and has already sold over 10 mill copies

DeadIIIRed4060d ago

Actually the politically correct term is dynamic turf. Anyways I agree with the need to improve the practice options. The game should collect data about a players weaknesses (poor red zone play calling, poor clock management, and so on) and create unique practice situations for the player.

RogerFed4060d ago

Good list. If I could add one it would be to consider scrapping the current engine and building a new one from the ground up. But then we wouldn't see any other improvements because EA would market the hell out of just that one thing.

NoobJobz4060d ago

Go back to how Madden 05 was. That game was actually really good. Then they took away all those great features 05 had and have never put them back in.

Rainstorm814060d ago

Didnt it have Sports illustrated and the Radio show on the franchise mode?

3 of the Ways they could improve it is Commentary commentary has been countless time Chris collinsworth has called Jason Witten a QB and they consistently call players by the wrong name.

The commentary is absolutely laughable...not to mention many things that was available last gen that isnt now like saving your game mid game in a franchise to continue it later...or the ability to export a game from the franchise to play on the go via psp or another ps console.

I was a dedicated madden player last gen but this gen Ea has dropped the ball,,, heres hoping for a NFL2k rebirth

NoobJobz4060d ago

Yeah they had all kinds of cool things back then. NFL 2k5, madden 05, and NCAA 05 were some of the greatest football games I've ever played and they came out the same year. Haven't been good since.

plumber154060d ago

Give the franchise to another company like maybe sony or 2k . EA if your reading this can you also give whatever company you choose the NHL franchise too . THANKS

ps Make (Black 2 ) please

Psychotica4060d ago

Let me turn off absolutely all the useless animations between plays so the game goes from one play immediately to the next. The games take way to long as it is. Also, allow me to save a game that is in progress.

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