CryEngine 3 at it's best - Phenomnal map with jaw-dropping scenery

PC Games writes: Here's what you may call a jaw-dropping map, designed with CryEngine 3. It's called Mountain Lake and is a WiP-Map for Crysis 2.

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Rainstorm813521d ago

Looks Great...... now lets see it done in an actual game

StraightPath3521d ago

Next gen Elders Scroll..

and yes hopefully crysis 3 goes back to large open maps. Crysis 2 with its linear city was a huge dissapointment.

Mr Tretton3521d ago

I really hope Crysis 3 is in a setting like that. Would be perfect. Crysis 2 in a city was lame.

h311rais3r3521d ago

I wouldn't mind the city if it was open world with better gameplay and physics. Crysis 2 lacked physics. HD textures fun gunplay, the powers were weakened, and enemies where just boring.