Ian Livingstone, the man behind Lara Croft

Times Online - Rhys Blakeley, December 14, 2007:

Every pioneering video-game heroine needs a good man behind her. Ian Livingstone is the man behind the industry's leading gun-toting, whip cracking adventuress Lara Croft.

The creative director of Eidos, the games publisher owned by SCi, started his career by co-founding Games Workshop, the retailer, in 1975 with his flatmate Steve Jackson. Two years later they launched the magazine White Dwarf and in 1981 the pair devised the hugely successful Fighting Fantasy series of books, which went on to sell more than 15 million copies. Last year he was awarded the Order of the British Empire, for "services to the computer games industry".

Here the godfather of Britain's computer games industry discusses what the sector's future will look like - and why he worries for the UK's prospects.

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lynx1halo4737d ago

for a many back in the day boyish smirks, while watching Laura jump around LOL

Liar4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Toby Gard was the man behind Tomb Raider. Core Design made the game and Eidos published it. Toby Gard then left Core because Sony wanted Lara Croft to be marketed as inspiration for teenage boys to have a wank over after Sony bought exclusive rights to Tomb Raider, starting a trend that has come back to bite them in the ass.

Apocwhen4736d ago

I wouldn't mind being behind Lara Croft... :D

INehalemEXI4736d ago

the man behind Lara Croft ....LMAO.