Huxley - All New Footage from the Beta

All new footage from the Korean Beta.

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sonarus4737d ago

nothing to see here jst another xbox shooter

lynx1halo4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

nothing new gameplay wise to see here people........lets just move it along

wil4hire4737d ago

Just another Multiplatform shooter.

JsonHenry4737d ago

This game is more than just a shooter right? Doesn't it fall under the "MMO" title? I thought there were supposed to be hundreds of people battling it out kinda like Sony's PlanetSide game that came out years ago?

Also - aren't the Xbox 360 and PC gamers supposed to be able to play together in this game? I think I remember reading about that a year ago or so.

DJ4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

But it also feels identical to Unreal Tournament, and that's not good. There's supposed to be hundreds of people in each match, but I only see 3 or 4 onscreen at once. I was hoping for something slower (player movement speed) and more condensed.

I'm more into epic online battles than 1 on 1 faceoffs though, so it's just personal preference. Did anyone else get that UT3 vibe?

TheMART4737d ago

Nah at least not UT3 on the PS3. Huxley looks much faster then that.

Second, this is Beta, so 3 or 4 on screen at once... It'll be 100 in the same level when it launches. It'll be insane I guess.

This latest footage looks good though. I am curious how much it'll be touched up even further!

Marceles4737d ago

"Nah at least not UT3 on the PS3. Huxley looks much faster then that."

There's a speed freak mutator setting to make the PS3 version as fast as the PC version dude...

TheSadTruth4737d ago

and theres a setting to make halo 3 play at 300% with 0 gravity

that doesn't make it tribes all of a sudden "dude"

DJ4737d ago

I don't think they'd be underperforming a game during Beta. The Halo Beta was running at 16 player max, which was put into the final game, and the Warhawk Beta was at 32 player max, which was also representative of the final game.

I have high hopes, but I'm not sure if Huxley is going to live up to its developer's promises. Obviously we need more video footage showcasing how many players can be onscreen at once, but that's all I can assume at this point.

TheXgamerLive4736d ago

Ya see, the game maps are huge and ever changing and thus battles don't occur w/200 people on screen at one time unless there's a large clan battle, so don't even attemp your weak assed insults as usual.

Hey WiiJ, Wil4hire is calling you, he said he's ready for you two to play together whatever that means.

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wil4hire4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Man I love Multiplatform games!


If PC gaming is dead, Why is:

Alan Wake

All being made on the PC? PC gaming has always been for a niche amount of people. People that can actually afford game rigs. Why am I getting crap because Huxley is multiplat? I'm not the one who made it multiplat.

I'm just glad I can share the game experience, by enjoying these titles on my game rig. Just as I enjoy Crysis running like a glove :)

razer4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

But my PC just had a driver error and I lost everything..

Wil: Never had a 360 hardware failure. I prefer console gaming to PC gaming.. And the reason I'm commenting on this article because this game is console exclusive to the 360 and the reason why it's posted in the 360 section.

wil4hire4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

"Razer - 3.1 - I had the perfect response for your post..
But my PC just had a driver error and I lost everything.."

Then your PC has something in common with the 360. Hardware failure.

Why come in here and bash a PC game?

Sam Fisher4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

"an other extinct species here children, if u look up ,ull see there a fossil called a wil4hire. as u can see it used to use pc, the pc is a very old tool which used to be used 4 solitaire and things like that, he must be using dial up with it too"

@ SmokeyMcBlunt
yea i got as well a 360 too if u wanna throw that in there aswell

SmokeyMcBear4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )


haha.. sam.. so uh you must be typing up the response on some sort of futuristic device then huh.. oh maybe its the ps3

Marceles4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

"the pc is a very old tool which used to be used 4 solitaire and things like that"

Yeah...used to be used for ancient games like Crysis, Bioshock, COD4, UT3 as's so extinct, i dont know why anyone would use a computer these days

Sam Fisher4737d ago

yea exactly with how many modchips in it , or better yet how much money was the pc spent on to be playing games such as Bioshock, COD4, crysis, UT3? .... dont lie....

Blademask4737d ago

If a person can afford a PC to play games, whats the problem with that? Its like saying a person that drives an expensive car is stupid because there are hondas driving around.

You seem to have some issues with PC users. PC's dominate consoles in every shape and form. But thats expected because of the way you can customize them, as well as use them for work. Yes its expensive, but so is enjoying the good things in life. They run at Higher Framerates/Higher Resolutions.

I am a big PC/PS3/360 Gamer in general, you are just some sort of misguided zealot who some how thinks that spending money on toys is fine, as long as you only spend as much as a console? Please.

There are no "mod chips" Its a combination of a good processor/hd/videocard. Thats all. Very simple to setup. If you ahve the $.

JsonHenry4737d ago

PC gaming is so much more superior to console gaming that if I had to (and I used to) I would eat nothing but Ramen noodles and not use the AC in my home to be able to afford a new gaming rig every spring. Now I make good money and I can build two a year if I want.

If I had to choose (and I know everyone has their own opinion) I would burn the 360 and the PS3 into little plastic pools to save my PC from being harmed.

TheXgamerLive4737d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

So I kind of doubt your playing all these Xbox 360/PC games that your so fond of and wish you had.

Oh well, whatever, I mean we the Xbox 360 owners can play them all w/o a 500.00 upgrade every 7 or 8 months.

Your attempting to play sub par games on a overpriced BR player and your pissed about it, that's all.

Wil4Hire, Insert weak come back___________________.

TheXgamerLive4736d ago

Not only will it play all new next next just for thast system, but it will also play all PC games as well, wow, think of the huge library, I mean why now it's all MS operating systems.

There really won't be a need for a PS4 by them will there?:))

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THAMMER14737d ago

I am gald to see that the devs. are this far along. SWEET!

Sam Fisher4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

i just really hate pcgamers when a person says sumthing good on a ps3 or 360 post. they come out of nowhere saying pc is better then ps3 or 360 which i personally think a controller is way much better than a mouse and a keyboard.

JsonHenry4737d ago

That is because you haven't played with a keyboard or mouse. Don't lie! : )

DJ4737d ago

I'm more into controllers, but damn, when I used keyboard and mouse for Unreal 2004 I was blown away. Precision and speed up the ass. =P

TheXgamerLive4736d ago

I've played many games w/PC when that's all I could use but K&M just ain't my thing, to me a controller is much much better any day.

I only use a pc to do homework on, not gaming.

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OC_MurphysLaw4737d ago

from a console perspective ...its WAY too fast for the massess! It's missing what Halo 3 and COD4 got right....and possibly UT3 (PS3)..and that is speed of the game for consoles. Its just too fast imo for any console.

InMyOpinion4737d ago

If you look closely you'll see that it's being played with a mouse. The 360 version won't move as fast. Like comparing UT3 on a PC with the PS3 version.

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