EGTV: Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer and screens

Eurogamer writes:

"Are you still wondering what Ninja Gaiden 2 looks like? You mustn't be very good at the Internet then, because it seems to be everywhere at the moment. Never mind - watch our new and exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 trailer on Eurogamer TV instead. And then look at our new and exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 screenshots."

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Sam Fisher4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

this game maybe as hard a ninja gaiden 1 with out the ninja gaiden black stuff... get ready 4 sum time consuming, DMC dante must die difficulty (on normal for ninja gaiden) ass kicking season.... *warning* u may not be able to beat this game...(probably at all)... if ur new at this dont, i REPEAT DO NOT BUY THIS, espeacially if u dont no wat to do

rev204733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I hope it is hard because Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the ps3 was pretty damn easy.

I never played the originals as the xbox never appealed to me so i dont know how much the difficulty changed when they brought out the ps3 version

BloodySinner4733d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma was dumbed down for the PS3 users.

kingfury4733d ago

Games like these is why I'm convinced that 360 is the better console for a gamer like me. Best of luck to PS3.

Omicron4733d ago

Destined to be the action game of 2008. And it's a 360 exclusive folks.

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The story is too old to be commented.