3 Ways Xbox 720 Could Kill Used Market -- with Tech That Already Exists

VGW: One of the fascinating rumors circulating about the Xbox 720 — and boy are there some doozies — is that Microsoft’s next Xbox will prevent the playing of used games. However, there are 3 easy methods Microsoft could utilize, and they're already firmly in place.

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Tzuno3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

yeah right as if all the gamers will embrace the idea. They won't see a penny from me apart of the console. If i want to share my piece of cookie with my friend i will share it no need that someone come to my friend to say hey you can't have that buy your own cookie because is like forced buy and where is the liberty in this.

StraightPath3222d ago

Majority of games i rent and only purchase the games i truely believe in my opinion is worth purchasing. Last game i purchased was Skyrim.

If this happens i for one will not embrace this awful idea.

maniacmayhem3222d ago

F*** that! Kill the used market? Stop consumer choice, give more power to the publishers and retailers so they can jack up the price another 10 bux if they like.

No thanks, if this happens with the 720 i will not support it, if this occurs on both new consoles then I will go out of my way to pirate games.

RedDead3222d ago

Don't like don't buy. I agree though, publishers should lower prices and I would buy a **** load more games new.

Half-Mafia3222d ago

Why dont you just wait 3-6months and get games for less then £15, New not used.

Ive been doing this since Red Dead came out last May. Since then ive bought over 10 games for no more then £50 (Mostly the crazy Steam sales). If I bought these games on release day I would of spent well over £350.

iamgoatman3222d ago


"Why dont you just wait 3-6months and get games for less then £15, New not used."

Thats all well and good for semi new releases, but there are an enormous amount of older games that simply can't be bought new. The games simply stop being printed and all thats left is used copies, how do you expect to play those?

Captain Qwark 93222d ago

i buy all my games new anyway so this would have minimal effect on me however, i dont agree with it.

for starters i like to let my freinds borrow games and i like to borrow theirs. im not loaded but i like to play a variety so we switch from time to time and i dont want to be transferring licenses.

second, with this strategy its like we truly dont own it.

beyond those i wouldn't mind too much but i think they would need to lower the cost of games since they are no longer losing money on used sales they should be able to do that

BitbyDeath3222d ago

I buy all my games new as well but i still prefer to trade them so they go to a new home rather than having to put them in the bin.

m233222d ago

For the most part, I buy my games new and that probably won't change. Every once in a while however if I see an old game, I may buy used, so it may hurt me in that I may not buy as many games as I do now.
This may hurt them in the long run though, when I do buy used games I am exposed to new IPs and it may lead me to buy the sequels new.

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The story is too old to be commented.