Xbox 360 Targets 'Air Traffic' at JFK

The T.A.G. unit of Interpublic Group's McCann Worldgroup found the ideal location for a multimedia installation for Microsoft's Xbox 360: the American Airlines Terminal 9 of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

"There's a lot of traffic in that particular terminal, and for this particular campaign we wanted to make sure that we talk to everyone, from families to business travelers to grandparents," said Scott Duchon, group creative director at the San Francisco shop.

The immersive exhibit uses 40 70-inch digital screens, with the imagery interconnecting all the monitors into a giant display..."The idea is to give the Xbox 360 a little bit of personality for people who don't know what it is," said John Patroulis, creative director.

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DarkSniper4736d ago

This can be written off as more unimpressive, uninspirational rubbish created by the Microsoft Corporation.


TheXgamerLive4736d ago

Why would you even, naaaa, never mind your an obvious idiot so forget it.

How's that Suxasses controller working out for you?

DarkSniper4736d ago

It works quite well actually. Dark Sniper cant say the same about your console that is wishing you an early Merry Christmas.


WilliamRLBaker4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

hes actually not a good sniper, I would kick his ass in counter strike source, 1.6, COD4, halo 2, halo 3, UT, UT2003, UT3, Crysis....hell any game where there is a sniper rifle in multiplayer I could destory dark sniper.

Preferably Delta force 1-3 all which contain actual sniper rifles and distances that reflect them Oh and Battlefield 2 modern combat.

But heres the translation of dark snipers words.

HOw DARE microsoft kick the crap out of sony! how dare the 360 kick the crap out of the ps3? HOW DARE IT! and how DARE THEY! Sales, Attach ratios, Scores all of them superior on the 360! how dare they!

its sad when one talks in the 3rd person...

P.S: dark sniper doesn't actually own an ps3 he has to envy his friends whom own one.

DarkSniper4736d ago

Even more sad is that all the games worthy on XBOX is first person.


WilliamRLBaker4736d ago

i can no longer see your text sniper cause your ignored.

TheXgamerLive4736d ago

Speaking about yourself in the third person, LOL!!

Never mind, we all see the truth, nite nite little important man.

ambientFLIER4736d ago

What I'm really sick of is seeing all the trademarks that he puts in his comments for the ps3, and referring to himself in third person. Also, every comment sounds like an official sony press release. He is quickly becoming THE most annoying troll on this site, and that's saying a lot.

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joemomma4736d ago

I dont think it would be the safest idea to connect the RROD to airplanes.

Jinxstar4736d ago

As larry the cable guy would say. "Thats funny. I don care who ya are dats funny right dere" ;-)

razer4736d ago

is so busy worshiping Zhuck he didn't even bother to read the article or even the summary text.

cow moolester4736d ago

Cow Moolester thinks Darksniper is sad talking in 3rd person.Cow Moolester goes onto say that DarkSniper is just as bad as Xbots but his own fanboyism is stopping him from seeing that.
Its not even funny how nerdy you come across....You've called Mass Effect Mass Defect before and yet it has already outsold Uncharted by what? 10 times?So if Mass Effect is a flop then what does that make uncharted?
Its your loss really..while your sitting there trying to convince yourself that Sony is such a loving company and actually cares about, you fail to realise that they are a multi-national corporation just like Microsoft and they don't give a crap about you but rather the money in your wallet.And while your sitting there trying to validate that $600 purchase you made, you could be playing Gears or Mass Effect while downloading something off the PS Store...Theres nothing wrong with owning 2 consoles...but there definitely is something wrong with being a mindless fanboy.Your just like Xbots but you can't see it

ambientFLIER4736d ago

That's what I've been saying for a while now about his 3rd person bullshat and the trademarks. Bubble for you.

Xbox is the BEST4736d ago

wait for December NPD numbers. Great way to prompt the 360.