Help Fight Diseases Through Your PS3s.

Sony steps up for some corporate responsibility as it teamed up with Stanford University's [email protected] project, and all this in order to harness the PS3's technology to help study how proteins are formed in the human body and how they sometimes form incorrectly.
To participate, PS3 owners need only to download a program into the console's hard drive. Then, when they're not playing, they just need to leave their machines on. The [email protected] team will then divide their complex calculations into manageable chunks and then send it to the participating machines. But don't worry, since the program won't run when someone is using the PS3 since it might bog down the game. "What we want is for people to just have to make the decision to contribute electricity and benefit mankind."

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kmis875853d ago

Lame, this is old news.

ElementX5853d ago

I have [email protected] to search for other intelligent life using my PC.

ElementX5853d ago

Do you think running the PS3 all night to help cure diseases will cause overheating?

ASSASSYN 36o5852d ago

Run it all night will suck the crap out of your electric bill along with that high def t.v. you need for it. And sony is desperate to promote their system for this. Heck, they payed just to have sony ps2 appear in advertisment ahead of xbox.

BlindPublic5852d ago

As long as it can't launch rockets. I'm ok with it.

Say's you5851d ago (Edited 5851d ago )

That would make the protien movement like what? 1 day faster even or 1 month faster in thier computers?,or lets say if there's 1 million gamers that own a PS3 that wouldn't only take not only a sec but it would be already down so it would be much faster then 1 sec if there was 1 million PS3 owners.