Nvidia's High-End 'G100' Comes In March

According to current plans, Nvidia plans to introduce its Geforce 9 series high end part codenamed G100 around march 2008. With ATI R700 not coming out till 2009, will Nvidia dominate this year of the PC gaming segment as well? Jump ahead to read the news post.

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mighty_douche4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )


Time to put your soul on ebay boys, these are gonna cost more than an arm and a leg!

mighty_douche4734d ago

what? these arent made by M$ dude?

gta_cb4733d ago

well this is good news as i was looking to get a 8800GT so when these come out the GeForce 8 series will obviously come down in price :)

WisinYandel4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

does it play Crysis on very high?

Cusco4734d ago

Honestly what's the point? I'm not saying PC gaming is dead, but just look at how UT3 is doing on PS3 compared to PC. Most high end video cards have costs comparable to a next gen console, and exclusive PC games are fairly rare (with the exception of crysis and a few others). Plus upgrading the video card is something you're going to have to do often to have the nicest graphics, whereas on a console it's already optimized and you can get matching or better visual quality despite the inferior hardware. Don't mean to start a console vs. PC thing, but I just don't understand why there's such a large consumer base for video cards?

Lotto4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

"whereas on a console it's already optimized and you can get matching or better visual quality despite the inferior hardware" are you kidding me ? better ?

Bolts4734d ago

You have no clue what you're talking about, thats pretty obvious. If the PC version of UT3 is doing so horrible then how come it support mods and 32 players, out of the box when the PS3 doesn't? Oh yeah, voice support on the PC actually works plus there are more maps.

If you're not interested in PC gaming then just STFU, don't start bashing something you know absolutely nothing about.

DaddyDC6504734d ago

it's priced @ 499.99 or lower. When is Far Cry 2 being released? That's the game I'm willing to upgrade again for.

xSithx4734d ago

I used to think that it was better to just get the consoles (which is why I have all of them), but now I'm planning on getting a new computer in Feb/March. I'm looking forward to seeing how these new cards perform and hopefully we'll be able to run very high settings on Crysis on a single card.

The reason why I'm leaning towards computers now is because it's getting to the point on consoles where games rarely run at 30 fps consistently. I'm assuming this happens because they're trying so hard to make the graphics comparable to computers. Then there is vsync problems in lots of games now, whereas computers with high end graphic cards can avoid this. Not to mention most of the good 360 games end up on computer so I would prefer having a high end computer and my PS3.

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