Are Wii owners core gamers?

The current holiday buzz on the lips of stay-at-home moms and soccer dads (they're the ones that tuck in their polos and wear a brown belt with shorts) is the Nintendo Wii shortage, and how they desperately need to acquire one for their child. With the focus on Wii as a holiday gift, it's easy to think that the average Wii owner is an arm flailing Wii Sports' Boxing player, but Nintendo says differently.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4734d ago

Short Answer: NO


Nipplestiltskin4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

I dislike Nintendo and don't own a Wii, BUT to say they are not hardcore, is absolute joke. Whether it be Metroid, Mario or Pikmin, they are more hardcore than you will ever know. Just coming up with a completely new gaming interface/pad is reason enough to cement them into the pantheon of greatness. They come out with the Mii's and everyone imitates them, alongside totally new and interesting ways to play older games, Resident Evil for example or Medal of Honor. 12 year old brains like yours DONT BELONG playing anything other than FPS's... Crimson DORK more like...

futbol84734d ago

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lynx1halo4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

now that picture is classic Wii owner lol ..Wii owners must have mistaken this toy for an actual console with groundbreaking graphics....OH NO....I CAN HEAR HIM COMING NOW ON HIS SPACESHIP to defend any Negative Wii news.......................... Nooooooooooo!!!.........its Sidar

Long time no speak have you been fellow gamer?....oh you own a Wii also.........IGNORED

...I would never ignore all Wii owners lol...just those who choose to ignore its faults.....and turn a blind eye to its inferiority in regards to hardware and such lol .....

WOW i find myself actually agreeing with you PS360WII on your 2.2 comment...hmmmm what a world fellow gamer

PS360WII4734d ago

lol you ignore all Wii owners? Wow that's dedication ^^

PS360WII4734d ago

oh no I don't ignore it's faults. Wii needs a HDD and a better online or I should say an online for games. It's more conserned about getting the web page up and news/weather. Just think what'll happen when smash comes out... that's going to bring it's already small online down to a crawl. I don't care about a DVD player but I'm sure some do and I wouldn't mind a few more games just use the classic controller

ChickeyCantor4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Lynx, how pathetic can you be, really? do you really have to keep putting myname in your posts?

Wii owners know its not the strongest hardware, they know it will never have games like the PS3 or 360 would have.
but there will be games that are not possible on the 360/ps3 because of the controller.

You just proved how ignorant you really are, you hate the Wii so much that you start blurting all kind of nonesense about Wii-ownsers.
Damn trash like you should GTFO.

And what gave you the idea a wii owner like me would never own a PS3 or 360 ( or both in my case soon, something you will never do and you call yourself " hardcore"?)

Nipplestiltskin4734d ago

Ghouls and Ghosts... typical. The Wii mote and their completely different interface has utterly CHANGED the way people can interact and play with games COMPLETELY. The game system is targeted to people that can afford the system, and will get FAR more people involved than great graphics and 'sweet hardware' will ever provide. If YOUR GRANDMA is staying up til 300am to play Madden 08, and she never had before, SHE IS MORE HARDCORE THAN YOU, Dorkus.

SomeAnalyst4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Opening up gameplay is more hardcore than refined graphics. The question is are PS360 owners gamers first or their HD woodies come first?

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PS360WII4734d ago

Well 1 of 15 million speaking and I do belive I'm at least a core gamer.

And lynx1halo if Sidar is the defender then you must be the troller. Least he says positive things rather than your recycled comments :)

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

*makes a little bow for showing respect*

MK_Red4734d ago

Well, there are definitly core gamers among Wii owners but the answer for majority is no. Wii is casual gamer's console with some hardcore gamers to get attention of few core gamers.

BlackIceJoe4734d ago

I would be called a core gamer I would be under the list of core or even hard core depending on how you like to say it. But really I may own a few great gems like Zack & Wiki and am picking up tomorrow Knights. But really there are not that many games for the Wii right now for me to go out and buy a lot. But I would have to say the Wii is more for the causal player over the hard core gamer. Why because I have seen at least more then a few people want the Wii and think that Wii sports is the only game for the system. So then not many people buy games for the system.

So I would like to know where this info from Nintendo is coming. But I will say if this is true. That this is great news because the Wii really is different and should not be missed just because people think it is only for kids and old people.

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