PS3 Primed for 2008 Comeback

Screen Digest's senior games analyst, Piers Harding-Rolls, points out that during 2007 Nintendo managed to expand the game-buying demographic with its family-friendly console. However, he believes that the market climate could change dramatically in 2008, and that PS3 adoption could rise significantly as Sony prepares to unleash a host of exclusive content and launch a number of multi-media services.

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Bill Gates4735d ago

PS3 never went anywhere.

Get over it, and these articles.

Now if this was a RROD article, it would be ok by me. Those articles ALWAYS bring a smile to my beautiful face....AHAHAHHAHAH

Say "Fix me!"..*Snaps picture*.....AAAHAHHHAHAHA

Bladestar4735d ago

wow.. Sony have a very strong marketting campaign trying to convince people to buy a PS3 based on hope... Since when saying that the PS3 will win in 2008 is news? We are not getting 4-5 articles like this one every day...

futbol84735d ago

its going to have a comeback cuz killzone2, mgs4, home, gt5 - want to earn free easy money by doing 30sec surveys?
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unlimited4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

xbots are hypocrites they been posting nothing but negative articles on the ps3 on here this year ..And now they are seeing a lot of positive news on the PS3 they cant handle it..go cry somewhere else babies..

PS3 Limps on and on4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Me as hardcore a playstation fan as there was, now holds a 360 controller.

I've been playing Gears of War, that game is f*cken overrated. I'm bored as hell of it already.

EZCheez4735d ago

Somehow I have a feeling you just insulted the majority of users on this site all at once. You're amazing.

PS3 Limps on and on4735d ago

I think the 360 is the better console for gamers. I also got bored of Gears of War. So what?

Drekken4735d ago

I've been reading your comments for a long time PS3 LIMPS ON AND ON, and I have to say you should DEFINATLY get checked for Bi-Polar disorder.

CrazzyMan4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

even changed avatar. =))
try halo 3, good game, but when i saw graphics, a laughed. =))

And NO, 360 is NOT the better console for gamers, it just started ONE year EARLIER.
That`s why it has some advantage, BUT not for long. =))
2008 is a year of true PS3 power. Though, it already started to show amazing result in FIRST year with Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, even Lair(for open minded people).

tk4735d ago

You should try playing Uncharted and R&C. I would even recommend Lair if they did not interrupt the game with so many cut scenes. But Uncharted is great. Gets better and better. I am 30% into the game - and now it becomes better and better. Eye of Judgment got my wife into playing video games actually - and she hates video games.

Being BC with PS2 (not the 40GB model - I have Euro 60GB model) - I actually pick up lots of cheap AAA PS2 titles for it as well. I kid you not - my PS3 is on about 18 hours per day (4 kids, and then me who likes games) and it has yet to even hiccup.

Hating on a console for reasons as stupid as what you are saying is dumb. You are just losing out on some good entertainment if you look for PS3 news to jump on. That is - if you are not being paid to do so... Are you? Then it is OK I guess.

littletad4735d ago

The games are what matter and that's that. Period. The public perception about Sony's console is that it is still expensive despite the price drops. It's very unreasonable to believe that quality software delivered more than a year after it's launch is going to change that. Second of all if that does somehow miraculously happen, then good for them. But right now there seems to be no momentum following that logic. Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted, though games I can agree are good, haven't been system sellers despite heavy advertisement and so on so forth.

CrazzyMan4735d ago

PS3 Outselling x360 Worldwide.
PS3 Outselling x360 in Japan.
PS3 Outselling x360 in Europe.
x360 in it`s first year did 7,95 mln. consoles, PS3 will sell around 8,5 the end of this year.
IF you think, that all these GREAT games had no effect, then you are dumb.

By the way Uncharted reached 500k in one month, not bad for a game.

lonestarmt4735d ago

so what if uncharted and R & C are not system sellers? so that means you shouldn't by a ps3. What kind of tool are you if you only go by how much something sells? You should look at those games a go o those look great, good reviews I"m going to buy them! not say things like o well they didn't sell that many so its ps3 has no system seller so I"m not going to buy it. If everyone thought like that no one will buy anything. Buy it if it looks good.

Lighting I'm sorry for you. You have like five accounts now all at three bubbles. Get some help...

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Omicron4735d ago

Only a dumbass would think that the PS3 is going to be a hit in 2008. The PS3 is doomed. Face that folks.

PS3 Limps on and on4735d ago

I have to agree, they lost too much already. Too many exclusives, too many big franchises now being lead developed on 360.

hotshot1274735d ago

so 40 million ps2 users in japan ARENT GONNA BUY A PS3? (cuz there definetly not getting 360's

europe, the ps3 is outselling the 360 by more then 55,000 a week. (thats doomed? lol)

france, the ps3 is already about to surpase the 360 and it came out a year later.....THATS DOOMED?LOL

the ps3 outsold the 360 for november......THATS DOOMED?lol

the ps3 has all the killer titles/sytem sellers in 08 while 360 has NO sytem sellers, AND THATS DOOMED? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH your so funny.

BLURAY IS KICKIN ALL ARSE RIGHT NOW and with hdtv's becoming mainstream and people looking for a high def dvd player are gonna get a ps3 for bluray and thats doomed?

I JUST SAID THIS BUT a system that outsells the other system with all the supposed tripple AAA titles and HALO3....HALO 3......HALO 3, thats doomed? ahhahahahaahhhahahaha i hope your a ps3 fanboy trying to make the 360 fanboys look bad.

a system thats starting to get better multiplats is doomed. a system that has a previous console that has sold over 120 million systems is DOOMED?

xbox sold 25 million consoles with just halo and better graphics.

the ps3 has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE THEN HALO and it clearly has better graphics as were starting to see is doomed?

a system that produces games like mgs4,final fantasy, socom,killzone 2, LITTLE BIG PLANET is doomed? ahahahahahahahh your toooooo funny.

The Wood4735d ago

just heard that Nintendo has lost an estimated 1.5 billion because of their manufacture and distribution problems. MS are still plagued by hardware problems despite their warranty, new machines are still bricking.

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