Former Zynga Employee Speaks Out

Debs, Level Up Times: "Thanks to Reddit, a former Zynga Employee tells all about his experience working at the casual game-making giant."

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zeal0us3511d ago

Zynga :“If you can’t buy em, clone em”
Gameloft: "If you can't afford em, clone em"

Why don't Zynga just buy Gameloft?

harrypmgaga3511d ago

Don't give them any ideas!

Soldierone3511d ago

Difference is Gameloft openly admits to cloning titles, even has a few licenses under their belt to do it officially. Zynga on the other hand thinks they are "innovating" and gets grumpy like a child when you accuse them of copying others.

TheWolverine3511d ago

They're spying on us while we play, the Russians are spying on them, and China is spying on both of them. True story =p