Loot Ninja's 2007 Game of the Year

2007 was one of the best years ever for gamers. We saw some amazing games on every platform. There were sequels that took their game to that next level, and new franchises that redefined their genre. With that said, there were just too many great games for the team at Loot Ninja to come with a decisive overall Game of the Year. Two of them picked the same game, Call of Duty 4, but everyone else couldn't agree on the best title of the year. They've got votes for Uncharted, Metroid Prime 3, and Halo 3. So they're just going to let you see all of their picks for the coveted 2007 Game of the Year.

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MK_Red4734d ago

No BioShock love there!? :(

drunkpandas4734d ago

I had BioShock going side by side with Uncharted for my Game of the Year choice, but ultimately chose Uncharted because I had more fun with the game. I can't speak for everyone else at the site.

uxo224734d ago

DP your reason in the article was " Both games are somewhat genre redefining." "Uncharted takes the action/adventure genre to another level. With it’s cinematic feel and romantic overtones, you really feel like you’re playing an Indiana Jones type movie."

Not because you have more fun with it.

Although I feel Uncharted should be a GOY candidate, it would be solely base on how much fun it is and its graphics. But, pretty much everything in it has, has been done before. So, I have to disagree with it being genre defining. IMO

drunkpandas4734d ago

Yeah, those reasons caused me to have more fun with the game. There's no need for me to rehash what I already wrote in a comment here

MK_Red4734d ago

I understand. Heck, while I love BioShock, the game that I had most fun with is definitly AC.

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blusoops4734d ago

Good to see Uncharted getting some love!

fiercescuba4734d ago

BioShock was up there for most of us, but we all needed a little more replay factor. Still, the only 5 I have ever given on the site.

DJ4734d ago

I'm surprised one of the editors named Halo 3 as their game of the year. Someone needs to get that guy Call of Duty! =P Good to see Uncharted's getting recognition though. =]

Odion4734d ago

your a moron Halo 3 has the better MP

Fresh4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Disagree,COD4's multiplayer is superb,yes,even better than Halo 3's multiplayer.

I agree with drunk_pandas,fierce Scuba and StevenSteel's picks from Loot Ninja.

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The story is too old to be commented.