Playstation 3 2.10 Firmware Update Official


"The Playstation 3 2.10 update that has recently been reported on Neogaf has now been revealed by the Official UK Playstation website to be true. The update will be released tomorrow with the following features:"

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lynx1halo4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

just so refreshing to have a company that listens to its clients wants and needs


This is true that has been one of my only complaints of sony also....I mean quitting a game to answer an email???no go

aaquib54356d ago

In-game XMB has been requested massively since PS3 launched. They say they're listening, but 13 months later and I still can't acess my friends list in game.

plexdk4356d ago

Sony has officially acknowledged the wish of ingame XMB, and confirmed they are working on it... Patience my son.. We have alot of other great things to play with, especially now that we have divx/xvid support ;)

ruibing4356d ago

I just back home from college and what do I find? My five free Blu Ray movies waiting, a ton of PS3 games I've ordered, a sale on NGS at Best Buy for $40, and the only firmware I was looking forward to.

For anyone who has read my posts, you know I am a Sony fan, and today has proven to me I was not wrong in my choice for a console and that my loyalty will remain for next year.

You are annoying

Bubble Buddy4356d ago

Aha, what movies you see would be up to your imagination xD, eh guys

Skerj4356d ago

Awesome Ruibing, have fun with that and I can't wait for tomorrow. No more transcoding and TVersity's use will be on the decline now.

For everyone else talking about ingame XMB, yes it's totally freaking annoying to quit a game to answer a message from a friend asking you if you want to play the same game you just quit. But have you guys really thought about why it isn't here yet? My guess is that they need to remove some of the bloat from the OS to reduce the footprint so they can bring it up inside of games without hindering performance.

Of course all we want is universal access to messaging, friends, and music so logically those things shouldn't take up much space but alas we're not working on it so we don't quite know. I'd rather them get it right the first time instead of rushing it to release and it breaks a bunch of stuff, everyome complains about THAT, and we get another point release. How many times have we seen that happen already?

jiggyjay4356d ago

wow sure is a lot of updates for this console! Proves the fact that they rushed this console out! Even the games that are half finished proves that..

So another update means more people complaining about problems about their PS3

Skerj4356d ago

Yes jay, because everyone knows updates are the work of evil and should never be done on a system because no one EVER wants new and updated features. If I recall correctly, didn't the 360 just get divx playback in a *gasp* update? More importantly that system WAS rushed out the door, attempt at trolling failed.

DARKKNIGHT4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

Thats it!!!no more waiting on the sidelines for me,im buying my ps3 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

movies, games and everything in between !!!

im gonna fail my spring term so, so baaaaaaad, lol.

The Brave 14356d ago

somebody please tell me what exactly u can do with divx support cause i honestly dont know.

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Hatchetforce4356d ago

Updates are always great news. As lynx posted, it is nice to have Sony listening to the customer base.

hitthegspot4356d ago

This is bad news. Why if Sony was going to come out with an update didn't they release it sooner? Sorry I already spent my last penny on items that will be shipped today and arrive before Christmas. Maybe next year...

resistance1004356d ago

' 2.1 - How do you go from 2.01 to 2.10?
This is bad news. Why if Sony was going to come out with an update didn't they release it sooner? Sorry I already spent my last penny on items that will be shipped today and arrive before Christmas. Maybe next year.'

Simple really 2.01 was just to fix a bug. Since this update is bigger its represented as a higher number i.e. 2.10

Hatchetforce4356d ago

The numerical jump occurs because 2.02 thru 2.09 were likely internal candidates that either did not pass Q&A or else did not have all the features included with 2.10. Haven't you ever noticed Nvidia's drivers are not numerically sequential? Find a better way to attack Sony.

ENNO4356d ago

happy happy joy joy :)

pandabear4356d ago

I agree and the DivX, WMV & Blu Ray 1.1 updates are welcome but I don't ever recall anyone begging for a voice changer!!!!

Whose idea was that??

techie4356d ago

I guess it helps...makes PSN clean

Hatchetforce4356d ago

My neighbor's daughter is 15 and she was interested in this to get the boys off her back everytime she was in a chat session. She told us she wanted to talk about games like RFOM or COD4 and suddenly she was getting hit on.

Bolts4356d ago

Hi! Is your daughter hot??

Xemnas4356d ago

Oh ok it's not BS then.