PS Fanboy Best of 2007: Best Graphics

To say that graphics have improved over the last couple of years is like saying your mother's cooking tastes better after being away from home for one thousand years (assuming, of course, both you and your mother live over one thousand years). It's both obvious and true. But who will take the crown for having the best homemade cooking graphics?

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CeruleanSky4735d ago

Don't know what the hell CoD4 is doing on that list of choices - only 600p and a generic desktop pc engine.

Uncharted is obviously the king of the hill until KZ 2, MGS 4, etc. arrive next year.

Ratchet and Clank is on par with Uncharted but since Insomniac likes to focus on high amount of dynamic objects on screen and insane amounts of geometry per level they don't really focus as much on the things that most people associate with 'best graphics'

Heavenly Sword and the facial animation/detail is amazing, but the fact that the game was centered around huge numbers of enemies on screen at once it isn't going to be able to compete with games with only a few characters at a time.

Lair is breathtaking in many parts and other very rough. Flying over the cities in Lair is unlike anything you've ever played in a video game before.

Motorstorm would be another one to make the top five. In first person/drive mode the game when you are flying through the mud with vehicles crashing all around is utterly life like.

An amazing array of graphical showpieces from Sony devs. Kutagari once again has shown the gaming world that he is the undisputed master at designing modern graphics hardware. The PS2 didn't have this huge number of graphically amazing titles in the first year and the PS3 is just getting started.

The graphical leap between Sony first party PS3 devs and the rest of the console developers is going to be larger than we've ever seen before in a generation.


thank you, im getting my ps3 tomorrow and i needed more ps3 gamers idea of what games i should buy. you and my friends say the same thing, and when i tried those games for a little bit i have to agree with your opinions.....except lair, but i think becuz im not used to sixaxis and i only tried it for like 10 minutes.

Now im gonna own these masterpieces!! im so happy im getting my ps3 tomorrow.

jorellpogi4735d ago

DARKKNIGHT - congratulation on your new PS3.

CeruleanSky - nice post. I agree with you.

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

between Heavenly Sword and COD4.........They are just to beautiful to choose between them


Which is why consoles are so amazing, they are giving the common person who isnt a HARDCORE PC GUY a chance to experience Incredible Graphics.....

CRIMS0N_W0LF4735d ago

I saw COD4 graphics on my PC 2 years ago.


Sam Fisher4735d ago

extinct species r there? (pcgamers)

DiLeCtioN4735d ago

i like cod4's graphics but heavenly sword's cut scenes are just so beautiful especially the opening battle(introduction)

tk4735d ago

I thought the best graphics was Heavenly Sword, until I saw Lair.
And then - R&C was not shabby but did not top those two. But now Uncharted came out - and some of the effects is just amazing. Anything claiming to be the best in graphics out there must first match the water effects in Uncharted. It is so good you keep on finding water to run around in it to watch the effects. Uncharted gets my vote.

DiLeCtioN4735d ago

i know this is my post but there are a lot of news in the pending section use your rank to approve please because i hate seeing piled up news waiting to be approved when i know there are contributors out there especially the ones with high Cranks.

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