A History of Gaming Platforms: The Vectrex

The 'ambitious and unusual' vector-based Vectrex console was one of the most intriguing game console failures of all time, and Loguidice and Barton continue their 'History Of Gaming Platforms' series on Gamasutra, started with the Commodore 64, by analyzing the rise, fall, and legacy of the cult '80s console.

One of the most ambitious and unusual videogame systems ever released, GCE's vector-based Vectrex failed to win massive audiences, like the Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS) or the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) did. Nevertheless, the distinctive platform gained a cult following after being pulled from the market in 1984, two years after its debut, and now enjoys one of the finest homebrew development scenes of any vintage system.

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gameforall4734d ago

It was fun while it lasted


don't remember what happened to it. Unfortunately I think it got sold at a garage sale :o( ..too bad I probably could have sold it on ebay. Who knew ?

Leathersoup4733d ago

the 3d image doohickey looks just like the virtual boy... I wonder where Nintendo got the idea from? ;)