Wii mote included in Wii play

We found your second Wiimote, guys. has Wii Play (Hajimete no Wii), a collection of minigames designed to show off the Wii's capabilities, listed as including a second controller (but maybe not a nunchuk). Think Wii Sports, but without bigheads. Or, y'know, sports. And hey, instead of being included with your console, it's included with your second Wiimote! So where's our Wii Ultimate Bundle that includes all this stuff for a premium? Since we're going to buy it anyway, if only to get all old school with Duck Hunt.

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Sphinx5850d ago

Are there color choices? Is it availabe at launch?

Killswitch5850d ago

Nope not available for launch....
But should be coming soon to boost Nintendo sales.

CAPS LOCK5850d ago colours i wanted a blue wii.

TheMART5849d ago

They should port this Duck Hunt to the PS3 and call it D!ck Hunt to shoot Barbie Ken in a pink shirt all around Japan.

That would sell the PS probably, but untill that time I think everyone is buying Wii60!

ChickeyCantor5849d ago

je zoekt gewoon een flame gevecht he:P

PS360WII5849d ago

Not sure what 4.1 is but i'm sure it's not tastefull. Anyways sounds good that they'll have that little quick game with that second wiimote