Weekend Wii Stock Causes Ebay Spike

Kotaku writes:

"In many ways, many, many ways eBay is an albatross around the necks of gamers and this is most evident around the holidays when the demand for consoles and games goes through the roof."

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Fresh4734d ago

that people who don't want a Wii just buy it so they can sale it on ebay for profits.

Leave the consoles to the people that actually want to buy them and game on them.

4734d ago
harv0524734d ago

Futbol8 you f**king spammer!! Reported.

wiizy4734d ago

wii is number 1 for a reason ..numbers dont lie.... people make profit and then buy it again at regular price.,..its not a bad deal..

ChickeyCantor4734d ago

actually Nintendo is missing allot of money because they cant keep up demand, so if someone is buying his Wii just to sell it on ebay....yeah well its more damaging then it looks innocent.

PLEASE stop with the wii is number one -_- !!!

Pretty sad for the people who are desperate for one, they pay huge amounts of money .....[must resist...must not sell....>_<]

LanRanger4734d ago

This is the reason I think the Wii Vouchers through Gamestop is a good idea. If people can buy a Wii at regular price (even if they have to wait 45 days) it may keep them from paying outrageous prices on eBay. If the profits aren't there, scalpers won't be as interested.

Darkiewonder4734d ago

the people that can't wait will go check elsewhere and the people that waited will keep the system and sell for a profit still. in the end. the winner isn't nintendo. it's the scalpers.

Texas GMR4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

.. I was at Best Buy today buying an XM radio and noticed they didn't have any Pro or Elite 360's (had about 12 or so Arcade editions), but had at least (counting end stands and shelves) over a hundred PS3's! I've never seen that many PS3's in one place before.

My question for you is: Are you noticing the same thing where you live at? By the way, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

This is not a flame war debate, so don't make it into one. Thanks.

Fade_Walker4734d ago

i just put my wii on ebay about an hour ago, not for a profit...just because i realized that its been sitting in the box since september and if im not going to use it then i should sell it to someone who acually will use it

plus i need to pay my car insurance...and a new windshield :(

but ill have to get one next year for Okami, Monster Hunter 3 and Mario Kart and a few others

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