Top 10 Videogame Reviews of 2007

Chewing Pixels writes, "Something that often gets forgotten in the endless discussions over what a videogame review should or shouldn't be is the reader's desire to read something that's well-written and enjoyable."

"I like reading good writers and the question of whether they're being subjective or objective in a review is way down my list of cares."

"What are their ideas like? Can they make me laugh or look at something in a new way? Do they express themselves in exciting and perspicacious ways? Sure, most kids just want their game reviews to confirm expectations and validate preset opinions but, as you get a bit older and wiser, that matters less I think. It does to me at least."

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MK_Red4735d ago

Nice find. Definitly great reviews. AC's review along with Yahtzee's review of Medal of Honour Airbourne are the best ones but personally, I'd put 2 more of his reviews: Halo 3 and Jericho.

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

his Halo 3 and Jericho reviews were hilarious ......ESPECIALLY THE HALO he didnt buy into the HYPE and reviewed it honestly for the clone it really was lol

Omicron4735d ago

Super Mario Galaxy = game of the decade.

wiizy4735d ago

mario galaxy deserves to be on top..

TheIneffableBob4735d ago

It really opened me up to the cornucopia of various writing styles that exist out there among game reviewers.