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This article is a part of AlterGamer's series "Gamers, get your suits on". The series is a universal guide for all games (from Civilization V to Skyrim, from economy to FPS games), that is based on common sense and management knowledge.

This part discusses the role and approach to non-storable resources, such as energy or work. The theory applies to many surprising aspects in gaming, since many concepts that cannot be defined as "traditional", storable, resource, may be treated as a non-storable resource.

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lzim2599d ago

Which is some information that is necessary if games like this (outside of Ubisoft) were still being made.. and if economies in these games were subject to tribulation without them being depressingly boring and too much like real work trying to guess what to plan for.

Fanatyk2599d ago

Try X3: TC for example.

MrDead2599d ago

I was just playing Sim City 4, it crashed losing me an hour of play but I wouldn’t have seen this article if it hadn’t.