FortressCraft Becomes First XBLIG To Generate $2,000,000 In Sales

DjArcas, the creator of FortressCraft, has just announced on Twitter that the game has surpassed $2,000,000 USD in sales. That is more than 666,666 copies sold and over 160 million Microsoft Points spent on FortressCraft.

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Wenis3313d ago

You know, I can guarantee you that the majority of people who bought fortress craft also bought minecraft. Fortress craft is nice simply because its available on 360. Also I wouldn't even call it thievery. Thats like saying Forza is a thievery of GT. Or that Pepsi is thievery of Coke. The fact of the matter is, the creator of FC didn't steal the coding of Minecraft (I believe they are coding in completely seperate languages), so no need for the drama.

xruiner893313d ago

And the guy that makes it is a douche who claims he didn't copy minecraft at all.

hellvaguy3313d ago

Everything is a copy of something else. As long as you put a new twist on it, its all good.

HK63313d ago

"The game's credits cite Minecraft, Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and others as an influence/inspiration."

On top of that, he has blatantly admitted that Minecraft inspired FortressCraft on many occasions.

delosisland3313d ago

Are u guys really mad about it...I'm happy an indie game did so well. Do u honestly care about whether or not they "copied" and btw I have never played any "craft" games. I don't care who copies I just like to see an indie game do well. Anyways why are we commenting here let's go finish watching the super bowl!!!! I'm taking a poop break btw

coolbeans3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

So...some of you are angry at an indie developer that copies Minecraft's idea, sells that "blatant copy" for $1, and makes a fortune from said discounted price? Should we be expecting every new indie developer to make their own genre now?

SilentNegotiator3313d ago

I wonder how happy Mojang is that they gave console exclusivity to Xbox when so many of their future sales have already been undercut.