Gamasutra's Best Of 2007: Top 5 Developers

Throughout this week and next, Gamasutra is presenting a year-end retrospective, discussing notable games, events, developers, and industry figures of 2007.

This time, Gamasutra gives careful consideration to the game developers who have done the most to advance the art and science of gaming in 2007. This chart may have some overlap with the 'best games' chart coming later this week, of course.

But Gamasutra is picking top developers for their attention to detail, grit, and willingness to push the envelope, not necessarily simply on the finished product's overall quality - though all of this year's Top 5 Developers have worked on spectacular titles.

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MK_Red4735d ago

While Orange Box was great, I wouldn't call Valve the best dev because they didn't care for PS3 version and simply allowed EA to make a terrible port.
Also, WHERE is Infinity Ward? They should have been number 1.

ktchong4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Valve has a certain degree of loyalty towards Microsoft.

The two founders of Valve, Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, were actually early and long-time Microsoft employees. They had been with Microsoft since before Microsoft became big. When Microsoft went IPO, the two became multi-millionaires (along with other early long-time Microsoft employees.) With the money, they decided to quit and pursue their interest: making games, with the blessing of their boss at Microsoft.

In an interview, they said they still stay in touch and regularly hang out with their old pals from Microsoft, many of whom are now high-level executives and VPs. So imagine what they and their Microsoft pals talk about while playing golf together, and you understand why Newell hates on Sony and the PS3. He still has some degree of loyalty towards Microsoft -- he joined the company when it was small and young, and he helped build Microsoft, and he left before Microsoft became too big - with the best memories of the company.

MK_Red4735d ago

Thanks for the info but what I'm asking for is this:
Why isn't Infinity Ward up there whose COD4 is definitly super great on all 3 platforms, is really polished on all of them and has superb multiplayer.
Same goes for Epic who has ported the already great Gears from 360 to PC rather flawlessly and has ported UT3 from PC to PS3 properly and soon will do the same for 360. A dev who favors a few systems only and one version of their game (PS3 version) is half baked, is definitly not the best dev.

What about Square and their superb RPGs? (FFT...). IW, Square and Epic should have been there not Valve. The rest of the list is pretty good IMO.

ktchong4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Maybe they don't put as much emphasis on the particular ability to successfully port/make games specifically for the PS3.

MK_Red4735d ago

I don't say they should put much emphasis on the particular ability. They should look at all aspects and in that regard, Infinity Ward destroys the competition. Not just for porting but for everthing.

Ju4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I would even go so far to ask, why is there no PS3 developer on that list. Two which pop into my mind is Insomniac (to deliver outstanding performance in two titles on a new platform within 12 month) and/or Naughty Dog, for their work on Uncharted (no matter if gameplay is the deciding factor, but they pushed the envelope in production value).

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TwissT4735d ago

I believe Infintry Ward and 2k Boston deserved to be tied at number 1 those 2 development companies do so much to the FPS genre. Thats why Bioshock is my favourite FPS game for the 360 it's story is so damn compelling and interesting.

CeruleanSky4735d ago

Wow, some dopey Xbox fanboy's list of developers...YAWN...

Bungie who can't even manage to get their last gen looking game to run in HD and instead can only manage 640p?

Bungie who has the worst online setup for any fps on the market with no dedicated servers and only 16 player online games?

Bungie who has their new 'next gen' game that looks no better than their last gen games?

Bioware who can't even manage to use the UE3 engine without massive framerate, texture loading, and other problems?

Bioware who in 2007 came out with an rpg that only has one plot line no matter how much, completely pointless, dialog they make you sit sifting through?

Valve who are too stupid to handle a piece of modern graphics hardware like the PS3 and have to hand off the work to F-ing EA for their repackaging of their old pc games?

Yeah, what a bunch of first rate developers on that list!

sa_nick4735d ago

I notice you didn't mention Harmonix in your rant. I was happily surprised. Rock Band > Anything.

Valve definitely should be so high up because like Red said, they shunned the PS3 and they shunned it with a smile on their face.

And yeah, where's the love for Infinity Ward? BioWare and Bungie? What the hell is that?


and your claim to fame is ? ? ?

CeruleanSky4735d ago

"and your claim to fame is ? ? ?"

A very popular N64 multiplayer game...

Maldread4735d ago

Don`t get me wrong, HL2 is great, and the Orange Box is a great package, but Valve could have done a better job on the 360 version and gave the PS3 port to EA instead of developing it themselves (and the results speak for themselves, even though they could have been even worse i guess with EA`s track record).

I`m definitely with you MK Red, Infinity Ward should be number one, as they`ve proven themselves on several platforms. Naughty Dog should be in the list too, because of Uncharted`s superb technology and contribution to Playstation`s EDGE tools.

MK_Red4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Thanks and agreed.
ND definitly deserves a spot.

Fresh4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )


COD4 rocks!

Naughty Dog should have been on that list IMO Uncharted was FANTASTIC!

And kudos to 2K Boston for making a superb game called Bioshock,you guys rock!

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