Rumor: PS3 hardware "slow and broken"?

The misunderstanding evident in the recent Inquirer story relates to the distinction between local video memory and local system memory. The slow read speed under discussion is indicative of the feature's lack of utility. This is even reflected on the slide's statement: "No, this isn't a typo ..." A contact at Sony confirmed this telling, "Again I cannot imagine a situation where you have any SPU reading from the RSX local memory." So looks like the PS3 will do just fine after all...

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Anerythristic266199d ago

I have no knowledge of computer processors. What I did understand from this article is that a Sony rep did confirm that stat of 16mb , am I right? So that Inquirer article was not rumor but fact. I also know that a Sony rep. would make excuses for a Sony gaming machine. Will anybody with computer knowledge that does not rec. a paycheck from Sony tell us if that stat of 16mb is actually , really bad or doesn't matter.

ssj046199d ago

You're just pathetic, give it a rest already.

OutLaw6199d ago

The guy was just asking a question about if anybody knew about computers and instead of helping him you rip his head off. Like you always do to people.

Anerythristic266199d ago

What kind of reply is that? My question is simple. This post states that the stats for the PS3 in the Inquirer article are: FACT. A SONY rep states that it doesn't matter. My question is: Now that it has been confirmed does the stats on the Cell chip hinder it but I want an answer from someone that does not work for Sony , simple really. What do you think a Sony rep would say ? " Oops, You busted us the Cell is held together by bubblegum and popsicle sticks , sorry."

Shadow6199d ago

The Cell does its physics and number crunching, and comes-up with the numbers to make a scene. It sends these figures to the RSX, where the RSX renders the scene and displays it.

The number in question, refers to the read speed that the Cell would be able to read from the RSX's cache of rendered material.

The kick is, there is absolutely no reason to READ that stuff, since its going to be displayed on the TV and then purged. There's little to no reason to have the Cell getting information about a scene that's already been rendered.

IE. The Inquirer was right about the 16MB.

It was wrong about it being a severe bottleneck, since the PS3 doesn't actually use it for anything.

That's the uber simplified way of saying it.

Anerythristic266199d ago

Shadow , that is all I wanted to know.

ACE6199d ago

tells us some thing we dont know lol



Islandkiwi6199d ago

I don't understand. You're saying the 16mb bottleneck is not a bottleneck because it doesn't get used. Then why does it exist at all? What purpose does it serve?

Bill Nye6199d ago

Islandkiwi, this is the same for just about all PCs and even the 360. Except people make a bigger deal out of it because it's PS3, and when the information is given to someone (Inquirer) who doesn't know what they're talking about.

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shotty6199d ago

Isn't the video outputted through the rsx. The cell needs to read L2 cache fast or else what seperates a Pentium 4 from a Celeron.

Bill Nye6199d ago

Oh, sorry. It it's actually 51GB/s for the L2 and LS (SPU).

Retard6199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

Anyone notice this is just for the Dev kits? There isn't any facts that Cell is actually broken or is even in the dk.

ssj046199d ago (Edited 6199d ago )

Nvidia Said to expect the ps3 graphic to be similar to the Quad SLI.

That mean The RSX have been upgrade to the 7900GTX SLI. WOW O_O crazy.

Schmitty076199d ago

Sony PS3 is teh bomb, and I will defend it till my death!

Why can't we have an intelligent conversation? I hate fanboys.

Lucidmantra6199d ago

Thats not to intelligent, it is an inanimate object. Besides all you are really to Sony is a $$$ sign. I wouldn't goto the death for someone who didn't love me.

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