Advocate Relates Grand Theft Auto to Violence Against Prostitutes

The Toronto Sun reports that an advocate for sex workers believes that pop culture influences, including the popular Grand Theft Auto series, help legitimize violence against prostitutes. Anastasia Kuzyk of the Sex Workers' Alliance of Toronto told the newspaper:

"Sex work is a job, and violence isn't in the job description… There's a video game out there where you can run down prostitutes and kill them and beat them up and take their money. It feeds into the whole subculture of allowing the violence to continue. Violence against sex workers should not be normalized, but it is."

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IntelligentAj4734d ago

Don't blame the damn game, blame the culture. It IS a video game after all...

iNcRiMiNaTi4734d ago

where the hell do they think these games get their inspirations from?

GodsHand4734d ago

Well, I would too, if all they did was make the car move up and down, with only giveing me a 125 health.

travelguy2k4734d ago

you can run down anyone, not just protitutes. I don't want any1 telling me who i can run down and who i can';)

Hydrollex4734d ago

selling guns is not an issue but prostitution in a game is a big issue.

monkey6024734d ago

It's horrible but that had me in stitches.

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