FFVII's Cloud to star in FFXIII?

GamesRadar writes "We, like most Final Fantasy fans, were a little disappointed when Square Enix character designer, Tetsuya Normura, stated that a Final Fantasy VII remake isn't due anytime soon. But now, thanks to a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, those feelings have been replaced with ones of hope and excitement".

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predator4735d ago

when i watched that trailer yesterday when i saw that bike i honestly thought that was cloud, just for that split

SeanScythe4735d ago

that doesn't even look like him, the only thing they have in common is the blond hair. Wow he has a bike, what do people want him to arrive on a bicycle?

Sam Fisher4735d ago

o boy that was funny no but seriously he doesnt look like** not even hair color clouds is alittle more toned down then this guys

Liar4735d ago

All leading characters in any Final Fantasy are white people with blonde hair and blue eyes. What does that sound like to you?

killer_trap4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

let me photograph that post and hang it on my's the funniest post i've read in a long time.

edit: i was referring to the post by scythe

LJWooly4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

That was friggin' funny. Nice bit of sattire there, and for that, you get bubbles. Cheers for the laugh, mate.

LOL! Someone disagreed with you! Well, that tells us something about the people who use this site, eh?

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EZCheez4735d ago

Besides, I don't think a gun is really Cloud's style. If it was Cloud he would have just chopped a path through those soldiers.

predator4735d ago

which trailer did you watch, cos on mine when u saw the guy on the bike that was it, is there a diff trailer

Fighter4735d ago

I'm pretty sure I saw the same trailer as you Predator and I did see the gun shooting at the enemies when the chick seems to be surrounded. The only reason I doubt it's Cloud is because Cloud is skinny and the guy on the bike seemed a bit muscular and tall.

EZCheez4735d ago

Before he shows up you see a gun firing at all of the soldiers and see them falling like flies. Then he rolls up. I'm only guessing that he was the shooter because the girl wasn't shooting.

UnblessedSoul4735d ago

Cloud won't be in any other final fantasys unless it's related to Final fantasy vii

Fighter4735d ago

Cloud is in FF tactics.

Sam Fisher4735d ago

and aerith (4got to spell her name) as well

Fighter4735d ago

If Cloud is the character on the bike then get ready for Japan to explode and PS3 sales to outnumber the Wii.

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