Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Contain Decapitations and Dismemberments

Many fans of Ninja Gaiden may have been wondering why they havent seen any decapitations or dismemberments in gameplay of Ninja Gaiden 3, however according to ESRB there are decapitations and dismemberments in the game.

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Newsman4016d ago

Lollipop Chainsaw eat your heart out.

eferreira4016d ago

collectors edition pre ordered, game comes out the day after my bday

Tanir4016d ago

i was gonna wait on the norm version a few weeks, but when they said the collectors comes with doa5 demo containing 3 if my fav characters it became a day one haha

Yi-Long4016d ago

... on my 360. Still an amazing game :)

I just hope NG3 will be able to match that level, but so far I'm still pretty skeptical.

otherZinc4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )


I'm so skeptical, I'm not buying NG3 til its $19.99.

On Topic:
Ninja Gaiden 3 will also contain "QTE's"! This is major BS & the very reason I'm not buying my 3rd favorite franchise day 1.

When NG3 releases:
I'll beat Ninja Gaiden 1.
Then beat Ninja Gaiden Black.
Then beat Ninja Gaiden 2.
All back to back to back! Then I'll buy the terrible Ninja Gaiden 3 for a reduced price of $19.99. It should be $19.99 or less by then.

Frankfurt4016d ago

Probably in cutscenes (if ever), because the 30 and 40 minute single-player videos out there have NONE. Not even in multiplayer.

I doubt it, though. Japan censors decapitations.

Also, dismembering was a VERY important part of the gameplay in NG2 and it's gone. Dismembering not only told you when you could OT the enemies (something very important since NG has the most dangerous enemies in any action game - even random grunts could kill you at any moment), but also forced you to change your awareness levels since dismembered enemies would change attack patterns (like the suicidal ninjas that got way more agressive without legs).

morganfell4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. There is likely a technical reason they do not have dismemberment and it's now only possible in cutscenes. Too bad because it will be missed.

Tdmd4016d ago

"Players use katanas, machine guns, explosives, and special attacks to kill demon creatures and human enemies..."

Machine guns?? Wtf?!

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