(neoGAF)PS3 Firmware update 2.10 coming tomorrow and yeah, divx playback is there!

PS3 Firmware update (2.10) coming tomorrow (and yeah, divx playback is there).

A link to the spanish PLAYSTATION 3 posted on NeoGAF,points out that The New FirmWare 2.10 which includes DivX Playback, might just arrive sooner then many of us thought.

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crazy250004735d ago

nice update......and i cant believe ppl are complaining about updates.....

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Your just so good to hear what we say on forums and within weeks.....the updates are out.....ive never seen microsoft move faster than its current SNAIL PACE LOL


let me be the first to welcome you to the PS3 Family.......OH AND GREAT NAME batman > all other heroes


i cant holdout anymore, i have to get a ps3 this week!!!!!!!!!you guys always get cool and useful updates

whoelse4735d ago

This is a great update. I hope the next one though will be network/game orientated.

mesh14735d ago

360 got this weeeeeks ago nice try tho ps3 is a waitsation 360 leads ps3 follows

tatical4735d ago

I've updated my 360 and it wouldn't play my 'Street Fighter Alpha Movie' that I recently downloaded. I'll give it a try with the PS3 tomorrow.

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Meus Renaissance4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I don't think that's such a good idea for Sony to implement.

bym051d4735d ago

Maybe the next Scream movie will use the PS3 instead of a voice box.

Sangheili854735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

If you recall Microsoft included a Voice changer when it first launched XBOX Live. oh boy was it a bad idea. People nonstoped used the little kit or girl voice and would scream in games with the most loud pitched voice.. Oh man did it ruin games... It was also racist. People would use the deep voice and go play as a black man talking crap. I'm so happy MS removed it early on!! oh man happy.

THC CELL4735d ago

1 up for ps3 and a better divx player

predator4735d ago

i am in work and therefore unable to go onto forums, could someone post the details of whats in this firmware update?

Kleptic4735d ago

Spanish is a little rusty...but...

Divx support is being added (both playback and the ability to store it on the well as updates to the xmb browser for streaming I would assume), as well as Blu-Ray Profile 1.1...which allows pip support for upcoming blu ray 1.1 software (1st wave of them are released January 1st 2008...basically adds cooler extras and interaction with BD movies)

also it appears a "voice changer" is being added...didn't go into details on that though...

thats all that is really worth mentioning...most likely going up on Wednesday, but possibly tomorrow...still no in-game messaging, music, etc. yet...and wierdly no DTS: MA support yet...but still most likely coming...

DARKKNIGHT4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

thank you kleptic and unblessedsoul, bubbles for your translations

Mainman4735d ago

PS3 is getting DivX, I know, but will it be able to play Xvid as well?

Are DivX and Xvid the same thing?

Kleptic4735d ago

sort of...but yes it will be able to play both according to the information released so far...thats play and store by the way...