ECA's Halpin: Don't Let Jack Thompson Be the Only Voice

There is this lawyer in Miami. Maybe you've heard of him…

In his latest column for Electronic Gaming Monthly, Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) president Hal Halpin offers his perspective on Jack Thompson:

"For the nine years that I ran the [game retailers association], I subscribed to the same thinking as my counterparts at other game-biz groups: Ignore Jack Thompson and he'll go away. It was the biggest mistake that the industry has ever made… we left Thompson… as the only person at the mic when the media came calling."

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Multigamer4734d ago

i say put him in gta 4 so we could kick the [email protected] out of that looser

Staircase4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

"You may not subscribe to his philosophies or appreciate his liberal interpretation of the facts, but you should respect him… "

I have no respect for this man, and never will. I can not respect people who blame others for the problems they have created, and use it to their financial advantage. This man helps many people get away with terrible deeds, just because they enjoy a specific type of entertainment.

Just because someone is intelligent, doesn't meant they should have your respect. Hitler was a very smart man, but deserves no respect.