Lenovo rep recommends 'Y'-series laptops for gaming

Lenovo's 'Y' series of laptops is recommended for gaming and entertainment. At least, that's what company representative Michael Littler expressed at the 2012 CES when he was asked to show News10's Game Guys what Lenovo has in the way of upcoming computers for gamers.

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ATi_Elite3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

not bad but he didn't give any solid CPU/gpu specs.

looks to have quality sound.

xAlmostPro3552d ago

I work with computers a fair bit, lenovo's are always popping up with faults. I'll pass :)

h311rais3r3552d ago

In other words "Y" bother lol

kevnb3552d ago

No thanks, msi, asus and even alienware are miles ahead. yes i said alienware, they are much better than some people think for price to performance ratio... just check the notebook review forums.