Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store problems fixed

Problems UK 360 owners have experienced when renting movies through Xbox LIVE have been "all but cleared up" according to Microsoft.

Some gamers have reported problems with Microsoft's recently launched service, including slow download rates and receiving the wrong films.

However, it appears that MS has sorted all the issues with the service. In an update on his blog, Graeme Boyd, community manager for Xbox in Europe said the team had been working hard over the weekend to fix the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Video Store.

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Capt CHAOS4735d ago

Watched three films over the weekend and it worked really well!

lynx1halo4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

There is no fixing Xbox LIVE.......its PERMAbroken

@all Below

You have all had a Years headstart in this race.......and yet we are right on your trail in half the amount of time.......i know you guys can see the end is nearing....i can practically hear the fear through your text lol

TheMART4735d ago

Your brains are broken and that's about the only thing. That's probably what made you buy the BluRay player.

Bladestar4735d ago

Broken is always better than none existing.. funny; Xbox Live Movie marketplace bashing comming from a Sony fanboy.... TIP: wait until PSN actually have a movie marketplace.

nirwanda4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

540 point's to download the only film i was interested in is a bit steep, at £17.99 for 2100 that's £4.62 or about $9 a rental if your from the us

jaja14344735d ago

Convenience has its price.

Boink4735d ago

considering the cost of an HD movie player, and then you add in the cost of gas to the video store.

plus the inconvenience of all the freaking snow here right now...

Liar4735d ago

What are you talking about. Films are 250 points (£2) or 380 points (£3.20).

nirwanda4735d ago

the only film I haven't seen or was interested in seeing was 300 which is 540 points in HD

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sak5004735d ago

Are the trailers up yet?

felidae4735d ago

lol. now it's about movies or what?

i thought it's all about gaming and no one cares about movies or bluray / hd.

people are strange

ps3 ftw!

Bladestar4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

It's about gaming and everything else... not everything else and Gaming... something that Sony fanboys can't seem to understand...

For example, the first thing comes to mind when it comes to the PS3 is blu-ray... xbox live movie marketplace is not the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to what the xbox 360 does.

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