Activision Blizzard: Could Sega be next to strike acquisition deal?

In the aftermath of Activision Blizzard's emergence, Sega Europe boss Mike Hayes has told MCV that it could be the next publisher to snap up a rival.

As Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games sped to the number one spot in the ChartTrack All Formats listings, Hayes hinted that there could be further industry consolidation to come – as Sega looks to strengthen its business.

"The growth challenge is never over," said Hayes. "Therefore like most other publishers we are always on the look-out for new signings – product or company."

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lynx1halo4734d ago

you fail........enough said

v1c1ous4734d ago

maybe they will snatch up THQ and steal all the nickelodeon deals

nirwanda4734d ago

loads of people want a new shenmue game er maybe you should think about making one or how about a new panzer dragoon saga game or a remake as a multiformat game or make a proper turn based shining force for the DS or live arcade or the PSN

BloodySinner4734d ago

Sega isn't even worth the purchase. They have been producing some mediocre titles for a few years now. This article is worthless.

Salvadore4734d ago

Sega seems desperate to survive in the industry.