Deal of the Day: Ninja Gaiden Sigma for $40

Do you have a Best Buy near you? Then check out this week's circular. You'll see the PS3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma on sale for only $40. Not bad for a stocking stuffer we featured in our Holiday Guide.

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Robotz Rule4737d ago

this is one helluva good deal.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma for $40?!

I already own Sigma though,but If I didn't I would go pick it up at my local Best Buy.

BigPappaPump4737d ago

This game is a must for every Ps3 owner. For 40 bucks, it's a steal.

deeznuts4736d ago

I tried to like this game, I really did. I got it from Gamefly but returned it shortly because I got bored of it. Maybe I'll give it another shot. And no, it wasn't "too tough" because i didn't even get that far along for it to be.

Darkiewonder4737d ago

If i knew it was going to be 40 dollars. I would have stopped spending and get it ;o

DarkSniper4736d ago

This could spell positive feedback from Tecmo if this game is picked up at the bargain price. Once again, look for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 to be ported to PLAYSTATION 3®.


BloodySinner4736d ago

Sigma was a cheap way of converting PS3 owners to Xbox 360 gamers. So sorry, dude.

PirateThom4736d ago

Well, it failed, I like Sigma, but I only "like" it, I doubt I'll pick up NG2.

BloodySinner4736d ago

Unfortunately for you, it's a remake of a 3 year old game, so...

Cusco4736d ago

This is US only. However I managed to snag this for 40 as well just the other day. Quite the fantastic game. Ported to the PS3...fat chance : It's being published by M$, and it's "the first time Temcho isn't publishing their own game". Now this probably means MS is covering some R&D costs and will own a significant stake in this game. I'm a PS3 owner myself, and would love this game to make it to PS3. It's also possible that Temcho will make a new game altogether for PS3, one can only hope haha.

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