David Cage to demonstrate new tech at GDC

David Cage has arranged an appearance at GDC to demonstrate the technology that underpins his next game projects.


Update from a previous article.

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THC CELL4249d ago

Sony will buy this company soon,

Colwyn4249d ago

Constant new game announcements from Sony. I can't wait to see this new tech .

I don't want a chat station or a sales station ,I want a PlayStation

LolololRumz4249d ago

It would be an incredibly smart move for Sony to buy QD. I really can't wait for another Heavy Rain/Fahrenheit style game

Serjikal_Strike4249d ago

With Sony being 2 billion dollars in the hole last year, I really doubt it...

On topic: cant wait to see what Cage has to show us

John Kratos4249d ago

They bought SuckerPunch when they were in that hole, actually they've bought a lot of studios since being on this four year decline. So if they're strategy is to continue to bolster their first party than QD is probably one of the most logical buys for them. Heavy Rain was a very nice success for them.

Again the 2 billion is irrelevant because they have a multigame deal with QD, you think they can fund multiple games, but not be able to buy them outright?

SoapShoes4249d ago

You realize part of the reason they were in the hole is due to buying companies such as Sucker Punch and Ericsson, right? It cost them more than they made but undoubtedly it will gain them more in the long run.

DaveMan4249d ago

When will he show his 2 new games that he's working on?

GribbleGrunger4249d ago

2 new games!!!? ...oh wait, that's the response you wanted lol... just kidding. yeah, it's going to be interesting to see what they are.

CGI-Quality4248d ago

Did you not read the article?

FinaLXiii4249d ago

This sounds interesting that´s how Heavy Rain got introduced.


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