Vista named #1 biggest tech disappointment of 2007 - by PC World

Here is what PC World had to say :-

"First PC World gets all up on the soapbox that (until a certain date) the MacBook Pro is the fastest PC the mag had tested, but consider the next step taken: PC World has boldly declared Vista #1 with a bullet in in their Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007. Ok, sure, we get that it's "disappointments" and not "crappy products" -- the two imply very different things, and it's hard not to be somewhat disappointed by any product that took the better part of a decade to come out -- but if PC World harshing on Vista this bad doesn't smack at all of linkbait, well, we don't know what does. Oh, and here's that link. "

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ilkercruiser5407d ago

All Previous Windows versions used to be dissapointment ; Why? because of Compatibility. Windows XP was also a dissapointment , Until Systems become all compatible with XP. So XP become ineispensable product.
Vista'a fate seems like that also. After 2-3 years we start to say: what is XP ?

TANOD5407d ago

this is the first time a WINDOWS rendtion --mega rendition has flopped like this

Bladestar5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

lol... flop in sells? what are you talking about? LOL... sure... Education is important you know.. it's always smart to backup your statements with facts before someone like me (always in the lookout) brings some facts into the equation...

Here is some data about the so "flopped OS"...


Vista: 7.38%
Windows 2000: 3.32%
Windows XP: 79.32%
Mac OS:6.61%
Linux: 3.39%

Vista even after all the negative news about it... already have a larger market share than Mac OD and linux... interesting ehh? I wouldn't call that a flop...

Microsoft OS still represents 90% of the market share...

This is not a flopped.. instead is a slower adoption... since this is the first time a Microsoft OS is So not backward compatible with so many old hardware and lots of the new hardware drivers are not working correctly...

Funny... with a new Mac OS... you don't have the choice but to use it on the newest hardware and even worst... you have to use Mac OS on hardware that's certified and chosen by Apple... and here we have people using cheap hardware, old hardware, below the Memory required to run vista.. and they are complaining about Vista not working properly... Spend at least $1,500 building a nice PC ( with at least 4GB memory and you will love vista... it's still cheaper than what a Mac would cost you.

Nipplestiltskin5407d ago

It's become common practice that 95% of all commercial companies are slow adopters of ANY Operating System, no matter how 'great' it may seem or claim. A great majority of my clients (huge VAR national reseller) do NOT want to move to Vista (now), but the reasoning is current support of existing programs for business use. The product just isn't up to snuff yet, and neither has ANY previous OS available in the first 2 years. I will say that there ARE quite a few companies ordering MS Office 07 though, but even those numbers are slow to start this year. We are also the largest Apple reseller on the planet as well, and no, Vista does not and will not replace it, as publishers and graphics users will find that Macs just do those things that much better with far less errors and conflicts. Time will improve Vista, but it will not replace XP for stability in the workplace.

WilliamRLBaker5407d ago

nice blade and bubble for you, every thing you said is a fact and you even backed it up something tanod cannot and has never done, vista works great when you use the Reccomended specs which i did with this laptop and while vista is different and has compat problems it still works great.

Bolts5407d ago

7% for a MS mass market OS is utter failure. They need to do a much better job marketing it and the fact that many new PC owners chose XP over Vista isn't helping.

Kakkoii5406d ago

Yes but, Windows XP is a computer icon. It has existed threw the largest boom in internet gaming and the use of computers.

There isn't any features I think.. Hey I'd like that to be in XP.

Cause XP has everything I need. And If I ever do need something. Someones probably already made a MOD for Windows XP that does it for me.

Windows XP will always be better then Vista. Until high end computers are very cheap and Vista's bugs are gone. And even then.. I still prefer XP's simplicity.

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Rockstar5407d ago

A well deserved award.

Hey, it looks like you're a number 1 to somebody.

Account deleted5407d ago

i even heard they are considering making a trophy, distributing gold medals to all the (un)ingenious programmers that participated in the program
but now seriously if you have a certified system made by a good company you can have a great system but not for games!!!!


vista is not great as far as upgrades go, but it is ok.

Im not really impressed with it, i mean you cant really do anything productive with it or play games on it....but you can surf the web and maybe type a term paper on it. realistically, it just needs some service pack updates.

windows xp was much better after sp2. i think vista will be ok if it heads in the same direction, but as of right now i have a ultimate x64 copy which i simply cannot use.

sux for me, i could have used that money elsewhere....

ilkercruiser5407d ago

Why Disagree?
When Windows XP was out. Same words were said by every PC user. Not compatible, slow and worse than Win98SE. Now everybody had forgotten Win98Se , everybody loves/uses WinXP mostly now. After 2-3 years same thing will happen to Vista. Everybody will forget XP and Vista become new standard.

5407d ago
Dreamworker5407d ago

it will be replaced by 2010 with windows 7.0

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