£120,000 nicked in 'PS3' robbery

A lorry containing £120,000 worth of Laptops and PS3s has been hijacked and stolen in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The hijacking took place on Friday afternoon, said police, on Lylehill Road in Templepatrick. So if you live around there, look out for a shifty bloke in the pub hiding PS3s underneath his trench coat.

A white HGV lorry was driving along the road when a white van pulled out, forcing the driver to stop. Two men, one armed with a knife, got out of the van and forced the driver into their vehicle. He was later found unharmed but sans-PS3s.

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Multigamer4735d ago

check ebay, bet there on there

Mr_Showtime14735d ago

about 30 mins from my house...

[covers ps3, xbox and hdtv with blankets]