Age of Conan dev: Gamers are getting tired of Warcraft

Gamers are getting tired of World of Warcraft, according to the developer of upcoming fantasy MMO Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures.

Speaking in an interview with, quest designer Joel Bylos said that while "everybody working in the industry respects WoW", there is a "feeling on the Internet" that it is losing its lustre.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft has proved to be a gaming phenomenon since its release in November 2004 and currently enjoys 9.3 million active subscribers across the globe.

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Genuine4734d ago

I have never played an MMO, but when Age of Conan comes to 360 in 2008 I'm trying it out. This has been one of my most anticipated titles for about a year now.

MK_Red4734d ago

While I don't like WoW, I actuall don't think that WoW players are tired of WoW.
I personally got tired of it in less than an hour and really didn't understoon why people love it so much BUT to those WoW players, WoW is like Counter Strike to Counter Strike players, Quake 3 to Quake 3 players, StarCraft to StarCraft players and I can understand why those games are so loved. I still love and play them and never get tired of CS, Q3 and SC. With new content and expansion pack, I'm pretty sure WoW players aren't tired of it either.

Percy4734d ago

I am getting tired of world of warcraft too. I have decided though that i
will not start another one until something comes out for the ps3. Hopefully ncsoft comes up with something decent aion would be nice but not likely. I just don't understand why soe cant crank something out or at least port something over. with keyboard and mouse support you wouldn't even need to change the control scheme.

Tarmgar4734d ago

Lawl at WoW. I quit a year ago and never had the urge to come back. Raiding was sapping my life away :(.

aba4732d ago

EVERYONE looks the same, boring ass fetch quests for gear that looks like a smudge on my character. WOW=trash.